Hell No, We Won’t [Vote Against A Public-Private Partnership For The Wastewater Plant]

Congratulations to the mayor on his successful campaign! Congratulations also to the people of Regina. We’ll be checking back in around 30 years from now to see how y’all are holding up.

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19 thoughts on “Hell No, We Won’t [Vote Against A Public-Private Partnership For The Wastewater Plant]”

  1. The only question that remains is whether the cross-bred master race of city councillors and water corporate executives will consume us whole, or merely enslave us.

    I, for one, welcome our Veolia Water Corporation overlords!

  2. $350,000 for 28,000 votes works out to exactly $12.50

    It’s not exactly giving up our dental plan for a keg of beer. It’s more like volunteering to pay $10,000 extra for water service in exchange for a Cineplex ticket.

  3. RWW fought the city and won the right for “all” citizens the opportunity to vote on a major project that will effect us all for the next 30 years, if it even makes it that long.

    Many changes will occur within 30 years or maybe within the next 30 days! $10 million has already been tacted on to the price tag to pay for lawyers and consultants. Keep also in mind that over the next 30 years enviornments will change, so will governments and ownership of this plant. At the end of the day these changes / costs will be shouldered by the taxpayer.

    The voter (the ones who showed up) have empowered the city to bring in a foreign for profit company to extract hundreds of MILLIONS from taxpayers which “WILL” never be re-invested into this community. Very sad indeed.

    But the people have voted, Fougere has made many claims, councillors still can’t answer the important questions.

    Thank you to all Regina citizens who took the time to get involved in your community and voted.

    To John Cameron, checking back in around 30 years … I don’t think will have to wait that long.

    Stay tuned folks, this is only just beginning.

  4. Now we wait and watch as $58 million in ideologically-based federal funding falls through, municipal travel costs surpass $1 million in “procurement” travel expenses, and everything turns out to cost 10x more than Fougere the Filthy Liar pretended in the first place.

    I love how I voted YES but helped to publicly fund the NO campaign.

    I’m thinking the difference was enuf ppl simply not believing the city admin could actually do this project w/o contracting it out.

  5. On the bright side, all this “free” P3 money should mean a temporary reprieve from the 9% annual gouging increases.

    Council has to set rates for the next 3 years soon. If they impose any amount of increase now, even their supporters will view them as a pack of liars.

    So they’ll probably do a 0% increase and brag about their financial prowess – then nail us with big hikes just in time for the opening of the renovated plant.

    By then, council members will have taken all-expense-paid ‘fact finding’ vacation trips around the world courtesy of the private partner, and the water corporation will have told them what rates to charge us.

    Instead of being shamed for accepting graft, Fougere will say he’s proud and makes no apologies for accepting the vacation trips as he feels they were educational and promotional.

    A reporter will ask if accepting such gifts is a conflict of interest, and Fougere will argue and say getting free trips is actually proof that he’s a great negotiator. That reporter will never receive a juicy government job in Regina.

    Doing a 0% increase isn’t that hard, considering they’ve already doubled the rates and they already overcharge by $30-40 million that goes into general revenue through a back door transfer anyway.

    Also by then the true amount of the “up to” $58 million will be known. If it comes in even a dollar short of $58 million, they’ll just blame the Federal government for the big water bill increases. And there’s at least 28,000 people that will believe them.

  6. For all the conspiracy theorists out there: did you notice that the referendum results were EXACTLY the same as the CTV evening news call-in poll a couple of days earlier? Hmmmmmm.

    Here’s a tip for activists: asking people to support your cause/candidate/whatever, and then calling them sheep or worse if they don’t give you that support, is a surefire recipe for continued failure in your future campaigns.

  7. “On the bright side, all this ‘free’ P3 money should mean a temporary reprieve from the 9% annual gouging increases.”

    Yeah. That’ll happen…

  8. Barb, was someone on the Yes campaign was calling people sheep? That would surprise me as they seemed to be classy to the end.

  9. Reader: That is a possibility, but as you know, sore losers will grasp at anything.
    The Yes campaigners in public demonstrated class (if we can still use that loaded word), but their followers online have been less polite.

  10. All the secrecy, the attempt to squash the petition and shelling out our tax money to a GOP strategist for expertise on lying, along with CPC blackmail money has won the day. What a great day for pseudo democracy.

  11. I resemble that remark. But then again I consider the City’s behavior to have been reprehensible and deserving of contempt (or more). If I just shrugged it off as harmless rough housing just to pretend I’m graceful, well then I’d be the next big liar.

    Don’t misunderstand though. When I say that 28,000 could believe the City’s next big lie it’s not that I’m saying those people are sheep. They are being strung some world-class road-tested grade-A political manipulation.

    If I were less aware of the waste water surrounding issues and history, and then Front Porch Strategies’ blitzed me with their A team, I’m sure I’d find the $276 threat story and the $58 million jackpot story quite believable.

    Most people already harbour the myth/stereotype of the lazy city worker, so hearing that super efficient European water engineers could parachute in and innovate our poop water for us is a tempting tale. And what could be more appealing than the lure of finally squeezing a few bucks from a Federal government that has jerked us around so many times.

    The No campaign crafted a threat and a bribe just big enough and just small enough that anyone who lives in Regina could see it being true. So in the end they don’t need to convince us, we convince ourselves.

  12. Ownership will change 6 times over the next 30 years: First perhaps a North American firm will run things, then they’ll be bought by an Australian firm who will quickly be absorbed by a European conglomerate, who will let it go to a pan-Arab/Russian start-up whose executive will end up in prison, leaving the treatment plant to a Chinese company will ultimately abandon it in it’s 26th year when it will return 4 years early to public control and the giant last great remaining public sector union that will actually be a merger of Canada’s present-day top-35 public sector union organizations, representing Canada’s (population 65 million) remaining 1 million publicly-employed workers. Costs after 30 years will be 30 times higher than predicted as corporate royalties soar into the 100s of millions.

  13. Am I the only one who suspects that we are actually happier to see our left leaning views once again shot down in the court of public opinion?

    It gives us all the excellent opportunity to exercise our otherwise useless english degree by writing eloquent, yet condesending, “holier than thou” posts in hopes that the chief editor of our favorite enlightened, forward thinking publication (Prairie Dog) will find our post so overwhelmingly witty that she/he cannot help her/himself but to offer a freelance writing “gig” so lucrative that no more penny pinching will be required to fill our 13th Ave apartments with countless Warhol prints and Birkenstocks while having just enough money left over put a sizeable down payment on the new Vespa GTV 300!

    Or maybe it’s just a coping mechanism.

  14. Your English degree was truly useless if you don’t know how to spell, capitalize, or employ Canadian usage.

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