Hey, if you haven’t yet, you should pick up the latest issue of prairie dog! It’s pretty good. Why, cover model and Saskatchewan disc golf phenom Dave B. loves it! You will too!

Some recommended bits:

SUMMER WIKI! It’s “an incomplete and eccentric encyclopedia of the most fun stuff under the Saskatchewan sun!” It’s also a collection of short essays so it’s good reading for coffee breaks, bus rides and pooping. My favourite entry is probably Greg’s bit on bats. (Bats are terrif! I rescued one from the lobby of my character apartment last week. It was adorable. Your taste in cute animals might differ.) Read it here or savour the experience printed on processed tree slices.

JOHN CONWAY APOLOGIZES FOR RIOTING HOOLIGANS! A really good socio-political analysis of the Vancouver hockey riots by Saskatchewan’s smartest pundit. While the rest of us squawk about locking up the punks trashing downtown Vancouver, Conway calls the incident what it is: a genuine riot by disenfranchised youth. And I’ve received unsolicited compliments on this piece from hipster-looking out-of-province strangers in pubs, so I know it must be good.

REVIEWS OF PARKING LOTS! We scrutinize restaurants, movies, music, politicians, businesses and ourselves, why not parking lots? Aidan Morgan corrects a grievous oversight. You’ll have to read this one in the print paper, because the link is fucked and our web guy isn’t in today.

Thousands of people from Seanbot 3000 to Launchpad McQuack to Andrew, who thinks prairie dog is the laughingstock of Regina, read and enjoy Regina’s most unique publication. You should too!