Have You Read The Latest Issue Of “Laughing Stock Of Regina”?

Hey, if you haven’t yet, you should pick up the latest issue of prairie dog! It’s pretty good. Why, cover model and Saskatchewan disc golf phenom Dave B. loves it! You will too!

Some recommended bits:

SUMMER WIKI! It’s “an incomplete and eccentric encyclopedia of the most fun stuff under the Saskatchewan sun!” It’s also a collection of short essays so it’s good reading for coffee breaks, bus rides and pooping. My favourite entry is probably Greg’s bit on bats. (Bats are terrif! I rescued one from the lobby of my character apartment last week. It was adorable. Your taste in cute animals might differ.) Read it here or savour the experience printed on processed tree slices.

JOHN CONWAY APOLOGIZES FOR RIOTING HOOLIGANS! A really good socio-political analysis of the Vancouver hockey riots by Saskatchewan’s smartest pundit. While the rest of us squawk about locking up the punks trashing downtown Vancouver, Conway calls the incident what it is: a genuine riot by disenfranchised youth. And I’ve received unsolicited compliments on this piece from hipster-looking out-of-province strangers in pubs, so I know it must be good.

REVIEWS OF PARKING LOTS! We scrutinize restaurants, movies, music, politicians, businesses and ourselves, why not parking lots? Aidan Morgan corrects a grievous oversight. You’ll have to read this one in the print paper, because the link is fucked and our web guy isn’t in today.

Thousands of people from Seanbot 3000 to Launchpad McQuack to Andrew, who thinks prairie dog is the laughingstock of Regina, read and enjoy Regina’s most unique publication. You should too!

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

22 thoughts on “Have You Read The Latest Issue Of “Laughing Stock Of Regina”?”

  1. Oh, Chad. This reminds me of something someone wrote once, not too long ago:
    “you’ve played professionally for how long and you still don’t have thick skin? Nobody can take a joke anymore. What a lame world we live in. It seems laughter is trying to snuff itself out sometimes.”

  2. You’re right. Sorry. I’ll just pretend I don’t see what he’s doing. Proceed.

  3. I thought the “attack” here was funny, and not an attack at all. But what the hell do I know.

  4. I did write that. Correct. But, I don’t attack Prairie Dog supporters through our media. We may go at each other (of whom are thick skinned) but these people are defending us. Attack us, not them. WE do have thick skin.

  5. “Thousands of people from Seanbot 3000 to Launchpad McQuack to Andrew, who thinks prairie dog is the laughingstock of Regina, read and enjoy Regina‚Äôs most unique publication. You should too!”

    Semantically, I don’t read anything here that’s an attack. Ironic hyperbole with a flavouring of self-deprecation, yes. And if there was a personal attack intended, it would seem to be dulled by the use of online pseudonyms.

    Carry on.

  6. I was making fun of 1.) commentator Andrew 2.) Rosie’s obsession with the Wolf and 3.) ourselves. But I might have to start making fun of you soon, Chad!

    I make fun of things! Other people make fun of me! Making fun is fun! Good gravy.

  7. Gravy is good. The sensitivity of some of these commenters, however? Not so good.

    It’s hot outside, so: chill out.

  8. While I think the Ballsy thing is way overblown, I do like that the Prairie Dog’s about to foment the first long hot summer riot Regina’s seen in 76 years. RIOT!!!

  9. I remember once when my ballsy thing was way overblown. I couldn’t sit for a week afterwards.

  10. I like this recent Prairie Dog vs Regina establishment media bit… it’s like the Daily Show, but with more hipster and a little less funny (not a slam… it’d be impossibly hard to be as funny as the Daily Show).

    That said, stay away from CTV’s noon-hour Wheatland Cafe bit… it makes my week.

  11. I’ve never thought of the PDog as a laughingstock. Somewhere along the line, though, the sharing of ideas and civil conversation fell to pretentious bitching and snark (especially at your redneck, Christian, conservative by nature, brothers and sisters.)

    Still I look forward to every issue from you kooky, witty, entertaining honey badgers!

    *closes trailer door*

  12. Conservative by nature???

    Listen, I fully support your right to whatever lifestyle choices you make, but I don’t see why I should have to have it shoved in my face all the time. I’m no conservaphobe, but what you people do belongs behind closed doors. I don’t want it in my church, I don’t believe conservatives should have the right to marry other conservatives, and I certainly don’t want your lifestyle taught in my schools. Don’t get me wrong, I love conservatives, I just wish they didn’t have be so conservative 24/7.

  13. Emmet, I feel exactly the same way about the Liberal agenda being forced down our throats. Why can’t my 8 year old go to school, and not be taught by the old pervert hipster that her genitals are for peeing with, and not for any sex stuff yet? Or, that her parents are evil for buying a litre of gasoline and increasing her carbon footprint.

    And what about you and rest of the contributors pointing fingers at people who are happy in their own faith, just because you are bitter and angry adults that hate ALL religion. Lumping us all together as if you cannot seperate a devout Catholic from a Westborough Baptist.

    When ever something gets shoved back in your face, your beautiful, grammatically correct rhetoric started it. Quasi-intellectual babble is easy to see threw, so don’t be so sensitive when people call you out on it.

    aaaaaaaaaaand…I’m out.

  14. Sean, my friend, compadre, you missed the point. I’m certain I left enough breadcrumbs to lead you to my ironic intent, but I’m equally sure you’ve had a long week and will feel a little silly about your reply after some hard-earned rest.
    And for the record, I’ve never put down religion, yours or anyone else’s. People of faith have a tradition of leading the charge on social justice issues that we should all be very proud of, especially in Saskatchewan. I hope you save some of your anger for the people who pervert and exploit religion for political and financial gain.

  15. Forgive me, Emmet. I mistook your breadcrumbs for troll food, and I nom nom’d it right up.

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