Has Regina’s Stadium News Got You Down?

Tired of Canadian Press articles like this one crushing your dreams for a shiny new home for the Riders?

Well, you could always go over to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ site, where they’re really, really pumped about their new sport place. Knock yourself down just a little bit more.

They’ve even got a little video explaining their new Virtual Venue system. Watching it made it look like you were buying tickets to a football game in Second Life. Their FAQ doesn’t mention it, but if the Bombers are making a digital space where I can indulge my furry desires while watching Buck Pierce get another concussion, I’m down.

Look at it all for yourself here.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

5 thoughts on “Has Regina’s Stadium News Got You Down?”

  1. That is a nice-looking building, and I can’t help but notice it doesn’t have a dome. If anybody could use protection from the cold, it’s Winnipeg. So why bother with a dome here?

  2. CBC had an interesting story on the projected revenues of a new stadium in Regina.

    The most optimistic projection saw revenues (not profits) of $4.9 million a year. Rider games accounted for 72% of those revenues. A more pessimistic projection saw revenues of $4.5 million with 10 CFL games accounting for 79% of the revenues.

    So the projected $400 million dollar cost of the stadium would, with the most optimistic projections, take more than 80 years to generate revenues (not profits) equivalent to the construction costs.


    This may seem like a tangent, but it’s not. The Saskatchewan government planned to shut down SCN in order to save $5 million a year. The $5 million a year the province contributed to SCN helped generate in excess of $5 million a year in out of province funding. This same government thought that contributing to a stadium that would cost at least $400 million to build, and that generated revenues of $4.9 million a year (at the most optimistic) was a good idea.

  3. I read that cbc story earlier and saw those numbers. In the article they also include a statement from the study concluding that the project was clearly economically feasible or something like that. I couldn’t understand that conclusion given the numbers quoted. I still can’t.

  4. Nice place.
    If go to the center W , you can see banjo bowl action, well 1 frame , on their big screen.
    Open air is the way to go.

  5. Boy you guys in Regina will never get over the fact the Winnipeg blows you away. Honestly, Regina is a small town there are actual cities 10-12 that deserve a franchise far more than you. All you do is scream your jealousy with all this garbage you talk about Winnipeg. Get your dome, which nobody builds anymore. And we’ll enjoy our new stadium and NHL hockey, which is guaranteed to be in this city for the next 40 years, owned by the richest man in Canada.

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