Harry Potter Makes Zillions Despite The Psycho Lady’s Warnings

The weekend numbers for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 are pretty darn impressive. From Garth Franklin’s excellent movie news website, Dark Horizons:

With an additional $42.8 million on Saturday it didn’t break the second day record, but that doesn’t matter. Deathly Hallows Part Two now has a three-day domestic opening weekend estimate of $168.6 million, the biggest of all time and ahead of previous record holder The Dark Knight at $158.4 million.

And now here’s a video of an unwell woman trying to frighten children toward God from the movie Jesus Camp.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

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2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Makes Zillions Despite The Psycho Lady’s Warnings”

  1. Jesus Camp is one of the best – and most horrifying – documentaries. I own it and I watch it frequently. This clip is unfortunately only the tip of the creepy fundamentalist iceberg…

  2. It isn’t just Protestant fundamentalists who fear Harry Potter; try Ukrainian Catholics.

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