Harper Promises To Renew Interest In A Shameful Industry

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“The only party that defends the interests of the chrysotile industry is our party, the Conservative party.” -Stephen Harper

Chrysotile is a fancy word for asbestos. It was coined by pro-business lobbyists that want to keep the toxic product in circulation.

Well Mr. Harper, there are some things that nearly everyone agrees on. The fact that asbestos is toxic is one of them. For years the international community has begged Canada to ban the production and export of this carcinogenic monstrosity.

Harper’s hasty election promise is a clear example of putting profits before people and vote-pandering before common sense. The asbestos market is failing and the world should rejoice. Job creation is a good thing, but not when the risk to life is so abundantly clear.

2 thoughts on “Harper Promises To Renew Interest In A Shameful Industry”

  1. Yes, he said something about facilitating it’s sale in coutries in which it is legal… so basically trying to sell as much as possible in countries where they don’t have the resources to ban it. We’ll have all those poor people dying of cancer before they can starve.

  2. Wow. I wonder how badly this will hurt Ray Boughen in Palliser. During the all-candidates forum Paul Dechene helped put on at the Cathedral Community Centre a woman really went after Boughen, accusing the Tories of inaction on removing asbestos from First Nations. The woman had something like 8 to 10 family members die of mesothelioma cancer, which is directly related to asbestos. Boughen promised to look into it and apologized for her loss….but I expect that woman isn’t going to like hearing about this.

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