9 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Happy 2012 to all!! And if I may, encourage you all to act as shining beacons of liberal-left resistance against the creeping doom of the corporate-fascist Canadian state. DO NOT merely retreat into the privileged institutions from where you came; fight, RESIST! The cycle is broken, the liberal-left will not just *automatically* rise again. It has no heart, it has no stomach, for sacrifice. Do not let the fasco-corporate right tear down your institutions, mock your values, ridicule your lifestyles or beliefs…don’t ‘laugh it off’ as if ‘they’ll get theirs’ and it’s ‘all just a joke’ from which the liberal-left will ‘eventually recover’. Entire generations are being indoctrinated against the liberal-left as we speak, some of them very angry young people. By retreating into the ’boutique activism’ of political correctness, as one wise man once said, we have let definitely them down, but ion more ways than just that one. In 2012, rise up, SPEAK UP; the cycle is broken, the liberal-left is dead. #Occupy the conversation

  2. #3 “Rise up,” you say? “SPEAK UP!”
    It goes against my nature, Talbot, but your words are so stirring that I have vowed to give it a shot in 2012.
    How’s this?
    THE NEW ME: “I ordered onion rings, dammit!! What’s with the french fries?!”
    You know … a guy could get used to this.

  3. @ 5

    Response: “Uhh, yeeah? Uhh, okay. Uhh, do you wanna keep the fries? I don’t care. Huh-huh. Here yer rings.”

    What I like is that teens have become way less interested in defending the company and way more likely to just fix the mistake w/o a whole bunch of moral posturing. For a while there, cust service types were really pushing back.

  4. I would keep the fries, yes, if you hadn’t dropped them on the floor.


  5. That’s true, too. That probably happened. That’s why I recommend Booster Juice for a refreshing fruity lunch.

  6. You can hardly be objective about Booster Juice, Talbot — my sources tell me you own shares in it.

  7. #3
    explian with a more detail
    : fasco-corporate right
    “boutique activism”,
    but ion-more ways
    the Liberal-left is dead

    just another day.

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