Happy 18th Birthday NAFTA, The Demon Child Of The North American Economy

One of my favorite American bloggers, Lawyers Guns and Money, does the best critique of NAFTA and why free-trade agreements actually prolong recessions.

Here’s the kicker:

The loss of manufacturing jobs due to NAFTA, other free trade agreements, and globalization more broadly has, I believe, helped contribute to the longevity of the economic downturn and threatens larger problems in the future. The promise of NAFTA was cheap products and information-based jobs that were easier on our bodies and allowed us to use our minds. But those jobs have hardly replaced well-paid manufacturing jobs and have left millions of older and poorly educated (disproportionately people of color) Americans behind. We managed to keep the charade of a successful new economy going for awhile, through the housing bubble and personal debt, but both have busted. Now we don’t know how to put people back to work. We have literally dismantled the infrastructure that would allowed us to put people to work in industrial labor. If the information economy doesn’t work and if there is little to no incentive for industries to open factories (or a government that doesn’t make it a priority), what is the long-term employment solution?

Author: Stephen LaRose

2006 winner of the Canadian Association of University Teachers's Award of Excellence in Journalism for a bunch of prairie dog stuff. Invited into the best homes in Regina. Once.

14 thoughts on “Happy 18th Birthday NAFTA, The Demon Child Of The North American Economy”

  1. The older Justin Bieber gets, the more he looks like Tegan & Sarah’s little sister.

    As for NAFTA, these are all the things opponents warned us about in the 90s. But Bill Clinton’s warm smile re-assured us, and Cretien’s dismissals silenced us, so we swallowed. Now, obviously, someone those great tech jobs have migrated east to India rather than to the trailer park and ppl are out of work. At least we’re not (yet) outsourcing our reporter jobs to India, like that newspaper in northern California.

  2. I wonder where the prairie dog stands on this out-sourcing business? A buck here, a buck there … it adds up.

  3. It doesn’t matter much to me, either way. As long as somebody, somewhere actually reads the damn stuff before it’s published.


  4. I’m still unsure if most people enter journalism nowadays because it provides a great foundation for an adult career in government communications or because they’re still mad no one let them work on the high school yearbook?

  5. It’s no longer the irresistible clickity clack, clickity clack of the typewriters, I can tell you that much.


  6. Mr. Miliokas: I guarantee that every single typo is read, and not noticed, multiple times before we publish the “damn stuff”.

    p.s. this is Whitworth here

    @2012 WHATEVER

  7. #9 Outsourcing may be cheaper, but, clearly, it does not work.


  8. I don’t how many peeps PD has on staff.
    I would guess tho’ that they put their time in for all to read here, and publishing a Mag’ every 2 weeks without fail since I’ve been reading it ,( 6-7 ) years nows.

    If there is an occasional typo, who really gives a shit.

    Regina has potential to have it’s own “Georgia Straight”, but having PD, verb, qc, community news, seniors news, coffee talk, etc., all ad resources are stretched.

    I prefer the PD as an independant voice, not too many corporate/ city ass-kissers here. Tunnel vision news isn’t my priority, 980/620/540/99.8/104.9/92.1, ( a pdogg radio podcast or live on CJTR would be a start ),don’t really add to any real news at all, as they all read from the same script.

    Regina is still 20yrs behind, just like 1983, just shinier. fuck if CKRM can still broadcast a Sask, Roughrider or Pats game with 1970’s equipment and aged announcers.. so we shall not prevail.

    A mayor baseing things on his ” Brownie Points”, ( havard, Harbour Landing developers full-time xmas gift ), and not real concerns about his futility, needs to retire. If he wants to be “trendy” a 24/7 hour bus service,( some of us actually work on Sundays and your holidays ), might be a start.

  9. “a pdogg radio podcast or live on CJTR would be a start”

    Ron! My god! We’ve had a podcast since forever! There’s a permalink on this page! It’s regularly pimped on the blog, too! Dunno how you’ve missed it! Give ‘er a listen!

    And thanks for the kind words.

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