Half Mast in Cracked Axle

Ron Petrie, longtime humour columnist and enthusiastic chronicler of life in Saskatchewan, died Sunday of cancer. The Leader-Post‘s Will Chabun has a fine obit here, but for a full appreciation for the guy and for the writer (I knew, admired, and liked both) go read his columns. “Sask. at the Crossroads” and “Canada Malama, A Wop Bam Boom” are two recent classics.

Author: Emmet Matheson

Saskatchewan Diaspora

2 thoughts on “Half Mast in Cracked Axle”

  1. If there was any justice in this world the Leadeer-Post would dig out Ron’s column in, I think it was 1994, about the Rolling Stones coming to Cracked Axle and all the locals figuring that they had to buy tickets to help those poor boys out, because if a bunch of musicnas from London had to come to Saskatchewan to make a buck, England’s economy must be in real bad shape.

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