Hadfield Tweets Photos From Space

We posted on Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield preparing to launch into space aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft in early December. Weather conditions at the Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan were frigid, but the launch went off without a hitch. Hadfield is now aboard the International Space Station (pictured), where he is scheduled to take over as commander in March.

To commemorate New Year’s Day he delivered greetings to Canadians from space in both English and French, and tweeted pictures of different bits of Canada taken during one of the ISS’s passes over the country. Saskatchewan isn’t represented. But he’s got shots of Calgary, Toronto, Quebec City, Lake Winnipeg, the Rockies and more.

To read about his greeting and see the images visit CBC.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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  1. It’s the Garneau-Hadfield alliance: Controlling Canada from ground and space. Watch out for them. Those Liberals will read your mail, raise your taxes, take your guns and throw them in the lake.

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