Je Suis Charlie

Yeah, I’m pretty pissed off right now. In fact, I was going to use my posting privileges to get on Dog Blog and put up a bunch of Charlie Hebdo covers to show my solidarity with those slain in Paris.

But then I had second thoughts.

It occurred to me that it’d be pretty irresponsible to post cartoons that so offended some Islamic extremists in France that it inspired them to shoot up the office of an alternative newspaper when I’m safely on the other side of the planet.

That’s what it’s come to. I decided to not risk posting some stupid cartoons on Dog Blog because I was worried about what that might open my pals in Regina up to.

I guess the gunmen won. Fuck you, gunmen.

Here, courtesy of Slate, are those Charlie Hebdo covers along with some handy commentary on them.

Author: Paul Dechene

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14 thoughts on “Je Suis Charlie”

  1. I heard on the news that their office had been “bombed” in 2011.
    Thats pretty ballsy or stupid to keep the mag going in such an under secured location.
    I guess someone in this group of gunmen… wanted to finish the job.
    Sad for all, that this religious war will likely never end anytime soon.

  2. A news story I read noted that the editor had had police protection for some time due to death threats. I’m amazed that building security was not of a high calibre…or maybe it was, and this was in part an inside job. The time of the daily editorial meeting, too, I think, would have been info that the shooters would want.

  3. One of the reports I saw said that the building was secure but the terrorists grabbed a woman leaving a daycare in the same building and put a gun to her child’s head to get her to enter the door code.

  4. Angry young men. I detect the same hostility in young men here… Coming of age in a f*cked up planet with no good career prospects without an advanced degree under your belt, only the promise of 60/hours a week (until recently) in the oil patch or housing market. I’m sure it’s worse in Europe. Too bad they resort to guns, murder, and fundamentalism instead of drugs like they do here. Angry, stupid, idle. Should be their mantra.

  5. Paul, the gunmen only win if they provoke retaliation, which no doubt is part of their plan. I guess it’s a matter of personal discernment whether or not people consider the (re)publication of controversial cartoons to be a form of retaliation; frankly, I think that the “Je suis Charlie” demonstrations – –and journalists continuing to do their jobs — are a higher order of resistance.

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