Greg Marshall to Be Named Rider Head Coach?

That’s what TSN is saying in an on-line report — that early next week current Hamilton defensive co-ordinator Greg Marshall (pictured) will be named the Riders’ new head coach. The report also speculates that Richie Hall, who was in the running to replace Ken Miller as the Riders’ head coach, will be named defensive coordinator.

What this means for the Riders on the offensive side of the ball remains to be seen. Will current offensive coordinator Doug Berry remain in that position? Or will Marshall seek to bring in someone from outside the organization? One commentator on the TSN thread observed that former CFL QB Danny McManus, who has ties to Marshall through the Ti-Cat organization, could receive some consideration.

Special teams also has to be a priority. Rider fans, as a whole, would be pretty disgruntled if Jim Daley was retained in that position after a disastrous 2010 campaign.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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