Greetings from Saskatchewan’s Greatest City!

AHA! I have hacked the Dog Blog. Lucky for Reginans because now you will be regularly exposed to the greener grass that is Saskatoon. Perhaps you’re an ex-pat who pines for the wonderful vibrant downtown and winning hockey team you left behind. Maybe all you want is to know what it’s like to be able to see the Pixies or Arcade Fire or the Black Keys without a 150-minute road trip, or have nine Liquor Board stores to choose from (compared to Regina’s measly seven). It really doesn’t matter WHY you wish you were in Saskatoon … it only matters that you DO. I hope I can deliver warmth and envy to you.

Author: Toontown Rat

He is a long time Saskatoon resident and moderately important cog in the machinery of Prairie Dog's little sister, Planet S Magazine.

18 thoughts on “Greetings from Saskatchewan’s Greatest City!”

  1. First, in Regina we don’t drive like 90-year-old women; we’ve got things to do. It’s a 2-hour drive.

    Second, if LBs are our deciding metric, then quality should matter most. In that case, Moose Jaw wins.

    Third, pretty selective of you to compare hockey teams of the two cities instead of football teams. We all know the Riders are superior to the… wait…

    Fourth, your mayor is crazier, doesn’t box, and doesn’t have a mustache.

    Fifth, it’s a scientific fact that Saskatoon loves Nickelback.

  2. Ooh, I see it’s Lame Rivalry Time™! I’m not really going to get into this, since I would live in Regina, too. The shopping and the bus system are better.

  3. I’ve always said I love the city of Saskatoon. If we could just replace all the arrogant Toon Towners (so pretty much everyone?) with Regina folk (who are by nature kind and humble), I’d consider a move there myself.

  4. I don’t get why folks from Saskatoon always have to bash Regina. They are both nice cities with unique characteristics. I agree with Katie–super lame.

  5. I’ve said for years, people in Regina generally don’t think about Saskatoon, whereas, people in Saskatoon have had general hate for Regina as the capital city.

    The creation of the U of Regina exacerbated this hate. For years, when the universities were forced to joint bargain with CUPE1975, I traveled regularly to Saskatoon, experiencing first hand the animosity. That relationship is now ended.

    Saskatoon is seen as a place to go to university or a weekend of entertainment.
    With Calgary, Edmonton or Winnipeg so easy to get to, why stop at Saskatoon.

    Saskatoon is welcome to its status as the fastest growing city and all the troubles that brings. Think Circle Drive & Idylwild.

  6. I wish that the two cities were one; that the government had been placed in Saskatoon or the U of S had been placed in Regina. Each city has cool stuff, but each lacks stuff that the other has.
    I live in Regina and Heart it (TM) but I think Saskatoon Shines (TM) as well…. I just wish I didn’t have to travel so far to enjoy the things Saskatoon has that Regina doesn’t, and vice versa.

  7. Gordon: Winnipeg has the same insecure view of Regina. Except in Winnipeg’s case it’s a lot more pathetic.

  8. Katie…did you just say “I’m not really going to get into this” followed by “The shopping and the bus system are better”? I think you did.

  9. I like Saturdays in Saskatoon more than Saturdays in Regina, Mondays, too, but Wed-Thurs-Fridays are better in Regina. Sundays suck everywhere, except Montreal and Toronto. Tuesdays are a toss-up.

  10. TR – Perhaps I should clarify: I live in Saskatoon, and was pointing out things I like about Regina. I suppose I should have used “good” instead of “better”, which implies comparison and so, therefore, superiority, but whatever. I find it funny the stereotype about Saskatoon people thinking about Regina all the time; I find that I think about Calgary and Edmonton much more, but that’s because I think Saskatoon is making Calgary’s mistakes several years later.

    Aside: So, with this Saskatooner stuff, does that mean you’re giving up on the Planet S blog? I keep checking it, but the dearth of posts (and lack of RSS feed) is a downer. I would love the Saskatoon version of TWACH, food spots etc. I read Sean Shaw, Jordon Cooper, City Hall Notebook (and Civic Mistress if I’m feeling argumentative) but it’s not the same…

  11. Katie: Paul Dechenes–stay-at-home dad freelancers who are huge City Hall politics nerds–are rare commodities and it’s possible Saskatoon doesn’t have one. It’s very sad.

  12. Respectable Reginians don’t care or even know there is a rivalry. It is people from Saskatoon, that feel the need to bash others to make themselves feel good. Grow up, we all live in Saskatchewan.

  13. I’m pretty sure this is all tongue in cheek.

    But….I just found our Regina is getting ANVIL!!!!!! I don’t see a Saskatoon date – so SUCK IT TOONERS!

  14. @Stephen – Sean Shaw is pretty political-nerdy, but he runs for office as well, so he can’t be as snarky as I would like. Perhaps I just want it all to be in one spot, so I can pepper the comments section with my sparkling wit. Or I could get my act together and see if Planet S needs help.

  15. Saskatoon looks like god took Regina’s metaphorical dumpster and poured it around a river. Just jokes!

  16. …Greetings from Saskatchewan’s greatest city?

    Well, hello back atcha, Melfort!

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