20151128_155046As you’re likely aware, Saskatchewan is in the midst of a five-month campaign to choose an official fossil.

We did a cover feature on the project in late November where we highlighted the seven nominees that had been put forward by the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and other organizers and outlined how the voting worked.

In a follow-up blog post a few days later, I said that while all seven fossils/species (such as the short-necked plesiosaur pictured above) were worthy candidates  to represent the province as an official emblem there was really only one choice — Scotty the T. rex.

To begin with, the Tyrannosaurus Rex is one the best-known dinosaur species. As far as carnivores go, it was pretty bad-ass. And no other province or state has yet selected it as their fossil. So it’s got a huge upside as far as promotional value for Saskatchewan. Plus Scotty is one of only around 20 partial T. rex skeletons ever found, and it’s pretty much the largest and most complete one in the world.

See, it’s a no-brainer!

On Feb. 17 Royal Saskatchewan Museum paleontologist Emily Bamforth issued her own endorsement of Scotty as Saskatchewan’s official fossil in a blog post titled “Why My Vote Is For Scotty”.

Voting’s on until April, in-person at the RSM where the fossils are on display, with an on-line component being added for the last two weeks or so. So cast away everyone.