Grab a Chair and Order Your Popcorn, This One’s Going To Be Good

As the Saskatchewan government and First Nations prepare to review their long-term casino deal, some contentious issues are emerging.

Well, duh.

The real reason for the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations’s purging of Guy Lonechild as Grand Chief had frack-all to do with Lonechild’s drunk driving case — For fracking sake, nobody in the FSIN wanted to distance themselves from David Ahenakew and he called for the Fourth Reich.

It’s too bad that PostMedia doesn’t archive its stories, because Jason Warick’s stories about the questionable spending habits of SIGA’s — FSIN-appointed executives provide a good base as to why the provincial government is going to take a hard line with SIGA in the next round of bargaining.

Lonechild’s impeachment and removal from office was done so Morley Watson could do to the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority what he did in years previous to First Nations University — entrench it in the FSIN’s patronage orbit by hiring toadies and political flunkies.

And we know how THAT turned out.

So, I’m not cheering for the FSIN in this dispute. But I’m not taking the province’s side, either. I just want to see blood from everybody everywhere. Is that so wrong?

UPDATE: Actually, the Star-Phoenix has a story about SIGA’s questionable spending … but it’s actually an editorial.

Author: Stephen LaRose

2006 winner of the Canadian Association of University Teachers's Award of Excellence in Journalism for a bunch of prairie dog stuff. Invited into the best homes in Regina. Once.

7 thoughts on “Grab a Chair and Order Your Popcorn, This One’s Going To Be Good”

  1. Not to worry, Mr. LaRose. Jason’s stories are available on the website of the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix.

  2. Good catch. Postmedia usually takes most of its stories off their websites after 90 days.

  3. Mr. LaRose:
    It’s a common practice throughout the newspaper chain.
    The stories are archived and made available to paid subscribers.
    I don’t have access to Jason’s stories, but the link I sent you is the next-best thing.
    Nick Miliokas,
    Vice-president, Frends of the prairie dog.

  4. Why is it “indian” gaming?
    Why doesn’t SLGA run everthing?
    Why the so called need for a seperate entity?

    Just 1 more way to keep us segregated.

    Privitize all of it.

  5. I’m with Ron.
    I say we privitize all of it.
    If that doesn’t work, we could always privatize it.

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