One of Goya's best known paintings The Third of May 1808 which was completed in 1814

One of Goya’s best known paintings The Third of May 1808 which was completed in 1814

Pablo Picasso is probably the most famous visual artist of Spanish descent. Salvador Dali, Diego Velazquez and Joan Miro are other well-known artists. But number two spot on the list, at least in my book, goes to Francisco Goya.

Born in 1746, Goya lived during a turbulent time in Spanish history that included plenty of court intrigue along with an invasion by France from 1808-14 which installed the “intruder king” Joseph I (who was the brother of Napoleon) on the Spanish throne. To top it off, Goya suffered a serious illness around 1792 which left him deaf.

The illness, along with the oppression Spain endured under French rule, had a profound effect on Goya as a man and an artist. Through the boldness of his artistic vision, and his deftness as a social critic, Goya (who died of a stroke in 1828) had a profound influence on later generations of artists, including his fellow Spaniard Picasso.

A local group of artists at the University of Regina has also found inspiration in Goya’s art. On Oct. 2-3, they will use a mix of classical opera, techno, hip hop, dance and video to bring to life five of his paintings.

You can find out more information on the U of R website. The performances are at the university’s Shumiatcher Theatre on Oct. 2-3 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $12 adults, $8 students/seniors, with U of R students free with ID.