Got to Love Pro Sports

Since the 2013 NHL season came to an exciting conclusion on Monday with the Chicago Blackhawks scoring two late goals to squeak past the Boston Bruins and claim the Stanley Cup two teams have announced buy-outs of high profile players to create room under a reduced salary cap that will come into effect at the start of the 2013-14 season.

On Tuesday, the Philadelphia Flyers said they would pay Ilya Bryzgalov (who was two years into a nine-year $51 million contract) $23 million to not play goal for them next season.  Then today the Tampa Bay Lightning announced that they would pay Vincent Lecalavier (who was in the midst of an 11-year $85 million contract) $32.7 million to not play centre for them next season. And numerous other NHL teams are getting in on the action with lower profile players.

When all the insanity in this sector of our society will end is anybody’s guess. And it is a societal issue (as opposed to a private market issue) as many pro sports teams, through favourable stadium funding arrangements with municipal and state/provincial governments and the ability of corporate supporters to write off sponsorships and luxury box purchases, do draw money from the public purse.


Author: Gregory Beatty

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3 thoughts on “Got to Love Pro Sports”

  1. But no worse than all the Hollyweird actors making that kind of money. How about that slime ball, Micheal Moore.

  2. Or the CEOs that pull down eight figure salaries and bonuses every year.

  3. Indy, I’ve read a lot of your off-topic, snarky, one-line pot-shot comments now. it’s pretty obvious you’re against universal health care, you don’t believe climate change is real and you don’t believe business has any responsibility to anyone or anything other than the extremely short-term interests of shareholders. Of course you don’t like Michael Moore. Unlike you, Michael Moore cares about people. Also unlike you, he’s a very successful filmmaker with lots of smart, nice fans who love him.

    Michael Moore seems like a genuinely ethical, friendly, successful person who actually stands up for the little guy. I can see why that would bug you. You’ll always stand up for the guy with the biggest wallet.

    Good day!

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