Today’s the last day for the Royal Saskatchewan Museum’s popular Snakes Alive exhibit, featuring all nine native Saskatchewan snake species. It’s excellent, so if you haven’t been yet… the museum opens at 9:30. Better hustle! There’s a stage show at 2:30 that will teach you things. I caught it Sunday and it was interesting and educational. That said, the highlight is the reptiles, who were very frisky yesterday. Maybe they know they’ll be released into the wild in the next¬†few days?

Here are some photos:

Prairie Rattlesnake thinks it’s so cool. It is.

The tiny smooth green snake is very very very green.

The eastern yellow-bellied racer is Saskatchewan’s most bitey snake.

My 20-year-old pet corn snake Rusty is not in the exhibit but he’s very cute and people love him, so there.

Bye snakes. You are awesome.