According to the Federal Government…

Good Guys: Energy companies, the National Energy Board, Environment Canada, business and industry associations.

Bad Guys: The media, the biodiesel industry, environmental and aboriginal groups.

As a First Nations Freelance Writer and environmentalist that means…I scored an Enemies List Hat Trick! What do I win? A fully loaded SUV?

The Lobby Busting Entourage must be on the dreaded Enemies List too.

They are Council of Canadians, the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) and Climate Action Network Canada (CAN Canada) whose sole purpose is to meet with EU Embassies and challenge the arguments being brought forward by Canadian lobbying against the EU Fuel Quality Directive (FQD).

Why is Canada lobbying against the EU Fuel Quality Directive (FQD)?

I’m glad you asked.

“This is because the policy includes a default value for bitumen (what is produced in the tar sands) that recognizes it is a high-carbon fuel, thereby discouraging its use.”

Rather than reduce emissions, Canada would rather change the entire playing field to allow for more emissions globally.

“The Harper Government has failed Canadians and the world by refusing to take the climate crises seriously,” says Hannah McKinnon of Climate Action Network Canada. “Instead of fighting a pollution battle at home, the government has chosen to fight a Public Relations battle abroad –it is pathetic that our government is putting more energy into trying to kill climate change policies in other countries than doing its fair share to fight climate change in Canada.”

Peter Kent announced today that the oil and gas industry, Ottawa and Alberta will spend another $150 million on monitoring the oil sands environment over the next three years.

Would it be too much to ask for an independent commission?