Good News Pro-Lifers! Plan B Is The Birth Control For You!

Turns out the conventional wisdom — and even the labeling — of Plan B has been all wrong. The New York Times reports that apparently, the emergency contraceptive doesn’t work by preventing a fertilized egg from implanting in the walls of the uterus.

Instead, it delays ovulation thereby preventing fertilization from happening.

Here, let the NYT explain:

An examination by The New York Times has found that the federally approved labels and medical Web sites do not reflect what the science shows. Studies have not established that emergency contraceptive pills prevent fertilized eggs from implanting in the womb, leading scientists say. Rather, the pills delay ovulation, the release of eggs from ovaries that occurs before eggs are fertilized, and some pills also thicken cervical mucus so sperm have trouble swimming.

Scientists say the pills work up to five days after sex, primarily stalling an egg’s release until sperm can no longer fertilize it. Although many people think sperm and egg unite immediately after sex, sperm need time to position themselves.

So I guess all the anti-abortionists who are hoping to get the morning-after pill banned by having a zygote declared a person can take the day off. Heck, they can start taking Plan B themselves, guilt free. Make it their birth control of choice.

Of course, I hear the side effects of the drug aren’t particularly pleasant. But, hey, has the comfort and well-being of women ever really been much of a concern to anti-abortionists?

(Found on The Mary Sue)

Author: Paul Dechene

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5 thoughts on “Good News Pro-Lifers! Plan B Is The Birth Control For You!”

  1. But hey, has the comfort and well-being of women ever been much of a concern to anyone flogging their various birth-control/prevention drugs/devices?
    Don’t get me wrong: I’m in favour of birth control/family planning. Developers of drugs and IUDs, however, have consistently downplayed or denied the side effects or dangers of their products, and have had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the courts, so let’s be fair. Paul.

  2. So, if the intention of this drug is to delay the egg from being implanted in the womb before fertilization, then how does that kill the egg and commit so called abortion? People and their misinterpretations!

  3. Barb: Corporations trying to hide the potential downsides of their products? Colour me shocked.

    On the other hand, doctors, nurses and pharmacists are in my experience more than careful about listing off the known side effects of pharmaceuticals. They tend to take that whole “do no harm” thing to heart.

    m b: To be fair, I don’t know if you can point to a “misunderstanding” in this case when the precise mechanism of the drug is just becoming public knowledge.

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