Good News For Arts Organizations

In a year-end interview with Post-Media News’ Randy Boswell, Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore (pictured, top right) warned that “stagnant” institutions in the cultural sector would face a difficult future under the austerity-minded Harper government.

Why is this good news for arts organizations? Well, for the last 25 years, faced with essentially frozen public funding, steadily rising costs, and an increasing appetite among Canadians for the programming they produce, they’ve been the very antithesis of stagnant in the efforts they’ve made to raise funds in-house and do out-reach with the broader community.

So under the criteria Moore sets out in the interview, they shouldn’t have to worry about having their funding cut or pulled.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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10 thoughts on “Good News For Arts Organizations”

  1. “Stagnant” organizations of any kind do not deserve a future — not at taxpayers’ expense. That’s why god created philanthropists.


  2. It’s important who’s defining stagnant.

    I fear you’ve ignored or missed Greg’s point, Nick. The Conservative track record on the arts sucks, and vague, threatening comments like minister Moore’s do not inspire confidence.

    Frankly, the Conservatives have acted like a gang of malicious culture-bashers since day one (remember their attack on Canada’s film industry? When they wanted to retroactively yank tax credits for anything they don’t approve of?), and this is almost certainly a warning that they’re going to continue to punish any art or institution that isn’t stale, boring and apolitical.

    Just ask the Toronto Pride festival. The funding that was pulled wasn’t from Heritage but the same Conservative, angry-old-man political fingerprints are on that crime scene.

    Or ask environmental artist Franke James who had a travel grant pulled after making political art the Canadian government didn’t approve of.

    Like any reasonable person at this point, I have zero confidence in this government’s competence on the arts file. My cynicism is legitimate. After all, it’s the government’s job to run this country for everyone, not just the monster truck crowd (and I say that with far more respect for monster truck spectacles and their fans than monster truck fans have for the arts).

    I was surprised by your comment.

  3. #3 Fine. Be like that. See if I care. In the future, you can drum up business on your own.


  4. So ‘stagnant’ is going to be the new buzzword, is it? Translation: Change is good. And we can read into that easily enough, can’t we?

    Stephen W, I think your comments in #3 are right-on.

  5. Thank you, MTFTS. It was very difficult to not write that comment all in swear words. I flip out when the arts get attacked.

  6. How can anyone and I mean anyone! Live without Margie Gillis and Little Mosque on the Prairie. Nooooooooooo!

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