Go Read: Maura Johnston On Music Writing

Village Voice music editor Maura Johnston (hopefully) puts a cap on a particularly odious run of execrable things written about women in the music press with this handy four-step guide titled “How Not to Write About Female Musicians“.

It’s worth pointing out that prairie dog‘s own Charles Atlas Sheppard reviewed the Lana Del Ray album — the subject of much of the awful rockwrite in contention in Johnston’s piece — for the current issue and did a swell job (though his Leonard Cohen review in the same issue is even better), steering clear of the asshattery described in the Voice bit.

Author: Emmet Matheson

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  1. On an only semi-related note, why does the Dog “My Music” Top-6 column always need to have one entry that begins, “When I was in [insert exotic faraway land here]…” Does no one discover interesting music while they’re passing through Porcupine Plain, Red Deer, or Sault Ste. Marie?

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