Go read: An Oral History of Party Down

Blah blah blah, TV has never been better, blah blah blah, premium cable, blah blah blah, shows get a chance to find their audience, blah blah blah, Seinfeld’s first season ratings.
Whatever platitudes you throw around, Party Down got a raw deal. Then again, reading this magnificent oral history (from Details) of the short-lived creality show, maybe we should just be glad it got made at all.
Blah blah blah, lightning in a bottle, blah blah blah, convergence of talent, blah blah blah, not since Wings, blah blah blah.

Author: Emmet Matheson

Saskatchewan Diaspora

7 thoughts on “Go read: An Oral History of Party Down”

  1. I have this show on order…perhaps I need to check in on its status.

    Tangentially related article on why Nielsen numbers are bunk for show ratings and Why All The Good Shows Get Cancelled. Caution: it will make you rage-y. (unless you are an advertiser.)

  2. Actually it seems to me that TV sucks more than ever. In order to watch your half-dozen or so favourite shows, you have to order all 700 channels to get the 6 channels that air them. Most of what’s on most of the time is “nothing”. There is still decent TV out there, but there is WAY more crap than there ever was.

  3. Anonymous @ 1:30pm is so right on about that. You have your obscure funny-funny cute one-off shows loved by crude hipsters, then there are the truly consistent great shows like Mad Man, Curb Yr E, Newsroom, etc. Then there’s 900 channels of pure driv. New shows even just following around dumpy fat husky guys in tow trucks as they take other dumpy fat peoples’ riding lawn mowers away.

  4. Haha Emmet.
    Listen man, I like TV, and I like fun. What I am frustrated with is paying for 100 channels to get 10 that I actually want. Maybe I wouldn’t feel that the airwaves (coaxial-waves?) were so saturated with crap if cable were cheaper than it is.

  5. I hear you, Anonymous. And I agree that the staggering amount of just plain awful TV totally eclipses the small amount of truly, truly excellent TV out there, and in fact the 500-channel universe perpetuates bad TV. I had a very short-lived experience writing for the TV biz, and my boss told me that TV networks, especially “specialty cable”, are basically hungry dogs and TV programming is dog food.
    For my money, if anyone’s interested, the best show right now is Nurse Jackie.

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