If you look below, you’ll see Greg’s already talked about Braids and the show they’re playing in Regina tonight, but lemme throw a few more words around about them. Namely, that they’re good! And that we know this because they’ve been good enough to keep touring through Regina time and time again.

The last time these pop-experimentalists came through was for the Regina Folk Festival. For that occasion, the prairie dog‘s own John Cameron talked with band member Taylor Smith, who chatted about what the band’s going for with new material and confirmed that they’re down with Canadian folk musician Old Man Luedecke. You can read that whole thing over here.

If you need any further endorsement, on RFF weekend I bumped into a musician friend who was playing the festival and who was very, very serious about Braids now being his favourite band in Canada, nay, the World. Now, he was very, very high and hanging around in the parking lot across from the afterparty at the German Club, and he admitted that he not yet heard Animal Collective, a clear influence for the Calgary-turned-Montreal band. So, I guess take that for whatever it’s worth. But I get the feeling a lot people left the Folk Fest feeling like they had a new favourite band.

Braids are playing tonight, Sept. 17, at the Exchange with Pepper Rabbit and Painted Palms. Feel free to make your way on down there.