Last November, you might recall, Colorado voters approved by a 55 to 45 per cent margin a ballot measure that allows citizens 21 years and older to possess up to one ounce of marijuana.

Following the election, Colorado struck a task force to examine how the state should go about legalizing the herb. Yesterday, the task force recommended that potential purchasers shouldn’t have to be Colorado residents. That opens the door to so-called “marijuana tourism” where people interested in hassle-free highs visit to party and take in other attractions that you might have beyond legalized weed. In Europe, the Netherlands has been doing that for awhile now.

Tourists in Colorado would be limited in how much they could buy (one-eighth of an ounce was floated) and they’d be provided with firm reminders that outside of Colorado pot remains illegal for recreational use (except for Washington State, where voters also legalized marijuana on election night). You can read more in this Wall Street Journal report. And to play us out, here’s Kid Cudi’s video for his 2011 tune “Marijuana”: