Giant Trapezoid For Sale In Downtown Regina

If you’ve got an extra $3.5 million sitting around, you might want to consider purchasing the geometric shape outlined in yellow on the adjacent image. To help you get your bearings, the shape is located between 11th Ave. and Saskatchewan Drive on Albert St.

The bluish-white building by the upper left corner of the trapezoid is the Empire Hotel and off-sale. It’s not part of the deal. The area is considered a key gateway to downtown Regina, and  I imagine the hope would be that something half-assed interesting would be built on the site to welcome visitors to the downtown from the north-west quadrant of Regina.

You can see the listing details here.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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12 thoughts on “Giant Trapezoid For Sale In Downtown Regina”

  1. The former site of DIGITS should be a goddamn heritage site I tell you what I spent half of twelfth grade there. I might just buy it myself and turn it into a mausoleum of 1994 and haunt it like some grunge-era Phantom.

  2. The owner of that property reported 2 weeks ago that he sold it to off-shore interests. Looks like the for sale ad has not been updated.

  3. It happens to be the only listing on that Lloyd Reality website, and the property has long been the site of the company’s own office. The buildings have nice character inside and out.

  4. No way, is that Regina? I’ve got some old pics but none as cool as that. Regina’s probably the only city that refuses to let anything old and cool stand, unless it’s in some begrudging, “Oh, okay” sort of way like with Scarth Street. Tho unlike with most cities and towns anywhere (but here), we don’t have a single area you can walk thru and go, “Wow, I feel like I’m in the ’50s.” I don’t know what our f*cking problem is. We go for plastic egg carton 1970s strip mall chic, everytime.

  5. That building has been mostly vacant for a VERY long time.
    It’s kind of neat but hopefully somebody will put some kind of mixed-use thing there that can be more functional.

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