WIN, WIN, WIN: An Awesome Poster About Real Saskatchewan Ghost Towns!

Poster (ghost towns)

UPDATE: CONTEST CLOSED! But good news! you can still purchase The Ghost Towns Of Saskatchewan by e-mailing me here.

Note: this post will remain at the top of Dog Blog until the contest ends on Thursday, Aug. 21. Until then, look for new entries below.

The new Prairie Dog has a great interview by Aidan Morgan with expatriate Sask. graphic designer Nigel Hood about his new poster, The Ghost Towns Of Saskatchewan. Nigel’s poster has custom-designed logos for 120 actual Sask. ghost towns, including Battrum, Bounty, Dnieper, Neptune, Smuts and many more.

And you know what? We’re selling the poster out of our office (e-mail us for information)!

Even better: we have a few to give away. Wooo!

So here’s the deal: YOU write in the comments below why YOU deserve The Ghost Towns Of Saskatchewan and my favourite response wins a free poster! There could be all kinds of reasons I should give this to you: you would love this poster more than the average bear; you’re a student of graphic design and this inspires you; you love Saskatchewan SO MUCH that even its dead, withered villages excite you; you used to live in one of these places; you don’t want me to give it to Barb Saylor. The main thing is, I don’t want some contest junkie who doesn’t care about this beautiful work of art to win one, so I’m making you dance a bit for your prize. Deadline is Thursday, Aug. 21. For more information on The Ghost Towns Of Saskatchewan and Nigel’s other poster, The Songs of SNFU: An Illustrated History From 1984-2013, click here.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

44 thoughts on “WIN, WIN, WIN: An Awesome Poster About Real Saskatchewan Ghost Towns!”

  1. I would like to win a poster because I am currently both dead and homeless and I feel it would be a valuable asset. P.S. your website is haunted now.

  2. This would be an awesome wall hanging and conversation piece. Not to mention when travelling you could say you were at a place that doesn’t even exist.

  3. Because I saw this at Storefront in saskatoon through the window and said “OH HECK PRINT BONER HNGGGG” then tried to go inside to take a closer look. Upon trying the door, it was locked and the hours of operation for Saturdays are “sometimes”. “Edgy kids!” I cackle to myself, while continuing to peer through the window and leaving a trail of forehead grease and pure, lustful longing behind on the piece of glass that separated me from ma nu luv.

  4. It would look nice next to my Stephen King picture. My house isn’t haunted but I am and I’ve got pics to prove. Scary shit. The dead love me

  5. Please choose me! I love driving all across the province and heading down whatever roads my car can make, some that they probably shouldn’t have made, and have perfected my “oh crap this road is so bad I can’t even turn around and must drive 1/2 a km in reverse…” Reverse driving skills all in an effort to find these places that once existed in a far different form than they do today… A back road atlas, a full tank of gas, and camera have accompanied me throughout the province, pausing to pay my respects to these places that are sometimes no longer even marked by a cairn, school marker, or nearby cemetery. Saskatchewan history, or more specifically Saskatchewan built history isn’t very old, and the abandoned remains of the past 120 years or so is a reminder of not only the perseverance and determination and hard work that was required to make your way across the Prairies. It is a reminder to pause and learn, pay attention, gather stories, capture memories so that we don’t lose the history, or the knowledge that is found in the minutiae of daily life. Its a reminder that in other places of the world, the built history of our province doesn’t even go back long enough to be consideres history! 120 years is but a blink if an eye… Perhaps growing up reading Little House on the Prairie did it to me, but I am still enchanted with what is left, curious about what will be, a willing listener of well told stories of our past, and wondering of course what stories some places would tell if only walls could talk… The poster would be greatly appreciated, and would feed my curiosity to find them on the old road atlas, in the prairie history room, and see what other stories and memories are still around…

  6. I want to win this because:
    – I have a major sask ghost town obsession
    – The tagline suits my Goth to Boss sensibilities
    – It’s frickin amazing but I’m really broke

  7. I would like to win this because a) I dream of ghost-town road trips but can’t drive yet and it’s hella depressing, b) believe in the transformative power of great graphic design on my mood, and c) have the perfect spot on my wall for this badboy.

  8. I deserve this amazing poster because if I win, I will work to rejuvenate these unique prairie treasures. I will purchase selected towns and merge them in order to increase their viability.
    Island Falls and Uren will be merged to form the town Uren Falls. Together, Old Wives and Cummings will be renamed Old Wives Cumming. Furthermore, Cactus Lake and Romance will combine to become Cactus Romance (don’t ask).

    I will announce further mergers after I am awarded the poster.

  9. I’d love to have one of these posters to share at work with my coworkers. We hear about these places all of the time and it’s so cool to see them revived, even in this small way.

  10. Oh, please, give it to Joe – I cannot wait to see the future towns that he will come up with – I sense many a bout of laughter if he wins!

  11. Well here goes:
    1) I have always wanted to have a poster.
    2) I am reading Jared Diamond’s book Collapse – How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed and having this poster would put a local spin on the topic as well
    my interest in learning the history of these towns and more about the part of the province they were in would be ignited.
    3) Winning would be phantomly fantastic!

  12. 1. I don’t want you to give it to Barb Saylor (sorry Barb).
    2. I love snakes.
    3. I’m a graphic designer and seeing stuff like this made by (if former) locals warms the cold dead cockles of my heart. Even my sub-cockles.
    4. I deserve one for eating a banana while making kissy faces at those lovely street preachers that were causing a ruckus a little while back.
    5. My landlady’s cat Luther would be happy that I won.
    6. I was born in a future ghost town.

  13. As a fan of punk rock, a man with a strong history of graphic design, someone obsessed with our province’s history, a former resident who grew up in the small town of Strasbourg, Sask and a fellow fan of Degrassi Junior High (the subject of Nigel’s latest work) …I would absolutely love this poster!

    From the dusty roads of Gibbs, Saskatchewan (home of three citizens – one named ‘Crazy Dave’) to the eerie retail experience of Cymric, Saskatchewan (it was once a booming little town, everyone left now the entire place is literally just a general store ran by a happy, loving couple) this province is full to the brim with interesting small town history and if given this poster I would treat it like one of my own.

  14. I would love to win this poster because I’ve seen and believe ghosts do exist! I can also give you the address of the house in Regina where they are VERY active….so you can try see for yourself with permission from the house owners of course(my friends used to live there). One ghost in the house is a little girl and I’m not sure what the one in the basement is but they like to be beside you…You can feel it. I’d also love to win so I can use this poster to start some new road trips with my hubby and friends :-)

  15. I’ll visit them all and put together a massive marketing campaign that makes Saskatchewan’s ghost towns the only place on the planet to have a permanently transient populace made of tourists. The catch – you can’t leave until the next tour bus comes.

  16. I wanted to write a post about why I should get a poster, but now I think Joe should have a poster. Just hold him to updating us on future mergers.

  17. I live in Mexico and I’m saving to go on my first trip to Saskatchewan. (You know, since I first heard there was a city named Regina I knew I had to go sometime). Having this on my wall would remind me that every day I’m closer to my goal of affording a trip there and how I should explore the entire province if you guys have really cool ghost towns!

  18. We just visited Cannington Manor, close to Moose Mountain Provincial Park. This was a ghost town dating back to the late 1800s, built by English settlers. The town became abandoned because the railroad was built 10 miles South, instead. On another note, does anyone remember the documentary that came out years ago about the ghost towns along Highway 13? There are many places that no longer exist. Amulet was one of these (between Pangman and Ogema).

  19. 1. I taught Nigel Art in junior high school.
    2. I am still teaching art in the same classroom.
    3. I would hang his poster to validate what I have been telling my students for over 20+ years…
    Art matters! Art is magic! and yes you can make a living by creating Art! Bravo Nigel!

  20. Please give it to Tammie! I specifically came to this site to suggest she should receive this amazing poster. She is an absolutely wonderful art teacher, and I am sure her lessons still resound in Nigel’s subconscious. Teachers do not often get the thanks they deserve. This would be an affirmation of Tammie’s dedication to the profession. Of course if she does not win this poster it will solve my problem of what to give her for Christmas…I will just order one from The Prairie Dog! Nigel…all of us who taught at Weyburn Junior High are proud of you!

  21. Oh, come on, now! I passed through several ghost towns on my way to and from a week’s camping, and I heard of the nonexistence of yet another (though it still has an occasionally functioning Catholic church), so I ought to have a poster just for being out there looking. If I can’t have one, Joe should, and so should Tammie.
    By the way, did you know that there are “Lots for Sale in Kandahar”? I saw that very sign today. Mind you, if the Quill Lakes get much higher, Kandahar could soon be a sunken city…

  22. As the city’s local zombie expert, this seems like something I should already have. For research purposes. And apocalypse purposes. Obviously.

  23. A historical relative of mine is a famous ghost in Saskatchewan, but he’s stuck appearing in the heritage building where he once lived. I’d like this poster to use during a seance where I could conjure him around the dinner table at my place, and then have a nice conversation to fill gaps in my knowledge of family history.

  24. Wow! What a great idea this is.

    I’ve heard of several SK ghost town news stories on CBC, CKOM and CTV news every once in a while.

    It’s amazing how the few residents left living in the ghost towns whom still have a meager population go to great lengths to preserve some of their town’s histories.

    While I’d love to say please give me a free poster, some of the posters here have better reasons than me.

  25. I want this poster merely because my mom remembers when Uren was more than a ghost town, and that sign always meant we were almost at gramma’s where adventure awaited!

  26. I deserve this poster because I have a love for Saskatchewan that has formed due to my superpower to overlook racist/homophobic old people and realize that saskatchewan is a really beautiful province. And another reason I deserve this piece of art is that as a young person who realizes that we are becoming more and more urbanized here in the south these monuments to the efforts of our ancestors might not be around longer.

  27. You should give me a poster for these five reasons:

    1. I am your favourite ex-roommate who never even once complained about all the dead mice in your freezer;

    2. Perhaps related, I am a stalwart supporter of people who keep snakes as pets;

    3. You are ever seeking to convince me to move to Saskatchewan, and receipt of a poster like this one could be seen as valuable propaganda to this effect;

    4. My aim is one day to round up a group of crazy artists, writers, musicians, etc., buy up a ghost town together for real cheap, and start an artist colony, or some such thing; and

    5. I would buy one myself, but I am broke.

    There you have it…
    F I V E E X C E L L E N T R E A S O N S ! ! ! !

  28. I am obsessed with Saskatchewan ghost towns and I can say that I’v been to several. I think about them all day, every day. Soon I will see them all! If I could I would live in one.

    I have a tattoo of a ghost town. On my heart.
    All of my kitchenware is ghost town themed.
    I named my dog Ghost Town.
    Every summer I write a screenplay entitled Ghost Town and print it out and read it aloud in one lucky Saskatchewan ghost town.
    I am currently in the works changing my first and last names to Ghost and Town respectively.
    The greatest tragedy is that the letters “ghost town” cannot fit on my knuckles. Time to get creative.

    Ghost Town

  29. I wasn’t kidding at all. Paul would be welcome to participate in the seance.

    P.S. for Paul: my ghost relative is considered to be very well-behaved, at least in his normal manifestation, much better than other ghosts in that place who are said to be rather cranky.

  30. 1. Because tomorrow’s my birthday and it would be nice to receive a gift from you all.
    2. I may be leaving the province shortly and it would be nice to have something to remember Saskatchewan by.

  31. Ed: you mean the dead mice in OUR freezer! Also, while Fanny, Fred and Willie have passed away (R.I.P.), the rest of the old gang is doing well. I’m sure they would say “hi” if they weren’t, um, snakes.

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