Poster (ghost towns)

UPDATE: CONTEST CLOSED! But good news! you can still purchase The Ghost Towns Of Saskatchewan by e-mailing me here.

Note: this post will remain at the top of Dog Blog until the contest ends on Thursday, Aug. 21. Until then, look for new entries below.

The new Prairie Dog has a great interview by Aidan Morgan with expatriate Sask. graphic designer Nigel Hood about his new poster, The Ghost Towns Of Saskatchewan. Nigel’s poster has custom-designed logos for 120 actual Sask. ghost towns, including Battrum, Bounty, Dnieper, Neptune, Smuts and many more.

And you know what? We’re selling the poster out of our office (e-mail us for information)!

Even better: we have a few to give away. Wooo!

So here’s the deal: YOU write in the comments below why YOU deserve The Ghost Towns Of Saskatchewan and my favourite response wins a free poster! There could be all kinds of reasons I should give this to you: you would love this poster more than the average bear; you’re a student of graphic design and this inspires you; you love Saskatchewan SO MUCH that even its dead, withered villages excite you; you used to live in one of these places; you don’t want me to give it to Barb Saylor. The main thing is, I don’t want some contest junkie who doesn’t care about this beautiful work of art to win one, so I’m making you dance a bit for your prize. Deadline is Thursday, Aug. 21. For more information on The Ghost Towns Of Saskatchewan and Nigel’s other poster, The Songs of SNFU: An Illustrated History From 1984-2013, click here.