I imagine when the world ends sometime this afternoon – which is definitely happening, no question, no way is it not – some of us unrepentant sinners will leave behind some regrets, like things we haven’t yet accomplished that won’t be possible in a post-Rapture world, which, I hear, “will be a horror story beyond measure.”

Personally, I was looking forward to finishing my Spanish class. We were going to cover past tense next week! That’d be perfect to know on Sunday, when all I’ll want to be talking about are the wild, hedonistic times of the past.

We can at least take some solace in the knowledge that this little guy has probably managed to accomplish a life dream right here.

Considering all the things I’ve heard about how awful the post-Rapture world will be, I think most of that could probably be put down to R. Kelly scene when he is obviously thrown up to Heaven. I think worst case scenario for today is that his catalog gets Raptured too. A world sans R. Kelly, without “Real Talk” or “Ignition (Remix)” or any of his other numerous hits – that’s a true horror story.

Thanks to Mason for showing me this one.