Get Dressed: QCC Steeze (Day 1)

Vintage Chinese actress Ting Hao
Vintage Chinese actress Ting Hao

Hurrah, Queer City Cinema starts today! And as with even lesser calendar dates (like Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), this festival is cause to get dressed with fun and intention. The programming theme this year is ‘Whatchulookinat?!’, which urges viewers to use a critical lens when gazing and interpreting representations of gender and sexuality.

Interestingly, two pieces came out about the changing reality of butch-dom in the media this week: “The Disappearing Butch?” on CBC Radio One’s The Current and “Suit Up: The Boom In Butch Fashion” by Keph Senett for Bitch Magazine. I’d recently been thinking about what it means to present as butch in times when ‘transmasculine’ is an increasingly popular term for queer gender performance, especially since it doesn’t reinforce the gender binary. Fascinating reads/listens! Now, let’s have a look at some glorious vintage (and vinatge inspired) butches and get inspired; enjoy, and enjoy getting dressed.


1940s 'louise' by missing_linck, via Flickr
1940s ‘louise’ by missing_linck, via Flickr
Sigourney Weaver
Sigourney Weaver
Hetty King (real name: Winifred Emms)
Hetty King (real name: Winifred Emms)

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