I have to tell you, I was planning a very different post about menswear this morning: I was going to argue in favour of belted high-waisted denim on gents/gender-queer/transmasculine folks (looks awesome, trust, + that post will happen, promise)…however I was quickly led astray by all the saucy images of dudes in suspenders, have mercy. Suspenders, or more specifically, braces, are a highly butch sartorial trope that folks often use to play up or contrast their gendered self-presentation.  Or to simplify, the body-framing lines are sexy because they’re associated with traditional masculinity, which is fun to play up or subvert. Suspenders and braces look work-ready and tough as well as ready for a quick and easy deshabillement…so go to! Here are some styling tips for ya (here are some more), if you’re feeling a little timid about strapping these on for size. Most photos in this post are linked to further sources and inspiration.  Enjoy, and enjoy getting dressed! More images after the jump!