Yesterday, we told you about a concert going on this Saturday, February 23 to benefit the German Club. Amy Dakue isn’t a regular bartender there any more, but she stills comes around to help out on occasion. Up to and including helping with the Saturday, February 23 benefit.

I asked Dakue about her favourite memory from the place:

My favourite memories are working some of the Lonesome [Weekends] shows! They draw in such a great crowd: people who know how to walk the line between multiple pints without barfing on the floor.

My other favourite nights are meeting the first timers: stumbling in, blinking out their splotchy vision, wondering if they just hit a time warp and landed back in their parent’s basement circa 1975. I love showing them the ropes and watching their wide-eyed wonder at our magnificent booze selection. And then there are the people discovering a shuffleboard for the first time … precious.

Join Dakue at the German Club benefit. Go to the Facebook event for more information.