GMO TourThe Regina stop on this cross-Canada tour is being hosted by Regina Public Interest Research Group. Speaking will be Dr. Thierry Vrain and Tony Mitra.

Vrain is a retired genetic engineer who, according to RPIRG, spent 30-years with Agriculture Canada working as a soil biologist and genetic engineer, and who now speaks against GE technology. Mitra, meanwhile, is a retired marine engineer who now works as a citizen journalist and food security activist in Vancouver.

During their presentation, Vrain and Mitra will discuss concerns about GE foods and provide information on how people can take action to promote bio-diversity and not surrender control of the food supply to corporate interests.

The presentation goes tonight at theĀ Education Auditorium, University of Regina at 7 p.m. More information can be found at the RPIRG website or by calling 306-337-2420. Admission is by donation.