Galleries & Museums

Art Gallery of Regina

2420 Elphinstone St.  306-522-5940

LINDA DUVALL AND JILLIAN MCDONALD: MESSAGES FROM THE ROCKS: STORIES OF THE INVISIBLE This exhibition resulted from a collaboration between the artists and members of the public to explore different ways of understanding our relationship with the land. (Until July 31)


Assiniboia Gallery

2266 Smith St.   306-522-0997

GROUP EXHIBITION This show features gallery artists.

 Dunlop Gallery: Central Branch

2311 12th Ave.  306-777-6040

FOR THOSE OF US WHO LIVE AT THE SHORELINE This exhibition features work by eight artists who explore notions of identity, ancestral knowledge and kinship in relation to self-care and acceptance. Guest curated by Sarah-Tai Black. (Opens July 9, runs until Sept. 7.)

Dunlop Gallery: Sherwood Branch

6121 Rochdale Blvd.

THE SALT, THE MILK, THE DONKEY, THE HONEY, THE FOLK SINGERS To conclude this exhibition, artist Bill Burns will do a performance at Regina Farmers’ Market on July 2 from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

EACH OF US, BELOVED This exhibition is guest curated by Sarah-Tai Black, and seeks to create a space that cherishes the rites and rituals of disabled Black queer and gender diverse life. (Opens July 2, runs until Sept. 25.)

Government House

4607 Dewdney Ave.  306-787-5773

CANADA DAY CELEBRATION This drop-in event is hosted by Lt. Gov. Russ Mirasty. It includes live entertainment by fiddler Karrnnel Sawatisky, Chinese Lion Dancers, Eagle Claw Dancers, Pelican Narrows Jiggers, Yevshan Ukrainian Folk Ballet and KAOS Dog Sports. (July 1, 1 – 4 p.m.)

VICTORIAN TEA Hosted by Government House Historical Society, reservations are required. RSVP to 639-571-7123. (July 9 – 10, with sittings at 1 and 2:30 p.m.)

NOT WHO BUT WATT This event with storyteller Vincent Murphy offers a chance to learn about George Watt who designed the Edwardian Garden at Government House. (July 23, 1:30 p.m.)

Lobby Gallery

Performing Arts Centre  1077 Angus St.  306-779-2277

OPEN SEASON This group exhibition features work by seven Regina Art Collective members Derek Olson, DeLee Grant, Jeffrey Tailor, Dave Gejdos, Les Sneesby, Shelley McGillivray and Nikki Jacquin. (Until Aug. 26.)

MacKenzie Art Gallery

3475 Albert St.  306-584-4250

RADICAL STITCH This exhibition features artists from across North America who draw on the cultural tradition of beadwork in the Indigenous community and take the practice in exciting new directions that both preserve knowledge and resist colonization. Curated by Sherry Farrell-Racette, Michelle LaVallee and Cathy Mattes. (Until Aug. 28.)

THE PERMANENT COLLECTION: WHAT THE BAT KNOWS This group exhibition will unfold in three stages that explore themes of interconnection, human action, and the possible afterlife — each stage guided by a trio of porcelain bats created by Shary Boyle. (Until May 3, 2023.)

KARA UZELMAN: FINITE DIMENSIONS Inspired by time spent in the backyard of her rural studio, this solo exhibition is conceived as a series of records by which the earth, and the life it supports, experience and measures time. (Until July 7.)

STEPHANIE COMILANG AND SIMON SPEISER: PIÑA, WHY IS THE SKY BLUE? This video/virtual reality installation is grounded in the idea of an artificial intelligence assistant that has gained consciousness through an upload of matriarchal Filipina and Ecuadorian world views. Curated John G. Hampton and Lillian O’Brien Davis. (Until July 7.)

CHYRONS FOR THE FUTURE This exhibition is curated by Crystal Mowry and consists of short videos by multiple artists that explore the impact of the text displays that TV networks have used since the 1970s to post information below the main broadcast. (Until March 2023.)

Neutral Ground

1835 Scarth St.  306-522-7166

FLORENCE YEE: SHARPER TOOLS FOR UNRIPE FRUIT This exhibition borrows from conventions of signage, templates and watermarks that explores the relationship with monumentality and nostalgia. (Until July 23.)

CARRIE SMITH: ARE YOU ASKING ME TO PURGE EVERY HEARTACHE? This window installation of ceramic work features ritual iconography from the artist’s Roman Catholic upbringing and Slavic pagan and cultural heritage. (Until July 8.)

Nouveau Gallery

2146 Albert St.  306-569-9279

GROUP EXHIBITION The show features work by gallery artists. 

RCMP Heritage Centre

5907 Dewdney Ave.  306-522-7333

PERMANENT EXHIBITS Displays explore the RCMP’s nearly 150 year history, along with modern crime-fighting techniques. There is also a virtual musical ride experience and dorm room inspection.

SUNSET-RETREAT CEREMONY This event includes the cadet marching band, a cannon drill, the march past of RCMP cadets, dismounted cavalry drills and a lone trumpeter playing the retreat as the Canadian flag is lowered. (July 1, 8:55 p.m.; July 5, 9:11 p.m.; July 12, 9:06 p.m.; July 19, 8:59 p.m.; July 26, 8:51 p.m.)

Royal Saskatchewan Museum

2445 Albert St.  306-787-2815

PERMANENT EXHIBITS This museum explores Saskatchewan’s geological past, natural environment, First Nations and Métis history and modern concerns about our planet’s ecological health. Two highlights are the Scotty exhibit in the CN T. rex gallery, and a new exhibit about humanity’s impact on Earth called Home: Life in the Anthropocene.

DINOSAUR HUNTERS This summer, the museum is offering a daily screening of a documentary looking at the initial excavation of Scotty and the ongoing science surrounding the fossil. (Starts July 14, runs until Sept. 5.)

Saskatchewan Science Centre

2903 Powerhouse Dr.  306-522-4629

PERMANENT EXHIBITION This museum offers an array of hands-on activities to help people of all ages learn more about science. It also offers online workshops for school classes from kindergarten to grade eight that can be booked online.

INDIGENOUS INGENUITY This interactive exhibition draws on traditional Indigenous knowledge to explore the science underlying cultural practices and technologies that people relied on to survive in their territories. Organized by Montreal Science Centre. (Until Sept. 18.)

AFTER DARK FILM SERIES Tonight’s film is the 1992 revisionist Western Unforgiven starring Clint Eastwood. (July 8, 7 p.m.)

IMAX FILMS Currently screening are Flight of the Butterflies 3D, Beavers, Back From the Brink, Great Bear Rainforest and CUBA.

Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame

2205 Victoria Ave.  306-780-9232

PERMANENT EXHIBITS This museum celebrates the sporting accomplishments of individuals and teams with ties to the province. The museum also offers online resources related to Saskatchewan’s sporting history.

FANFARE This exhibition celebrates the passion and culture of fans who follow sports teams in Saskatchewan, with a special focus on the upcoming Nov. 20 Grey Cup and the three previous Grey Cups the province has hosted. (Until Nov. 26.)

Slate Fine Art Gallery

3424 13th Ave.  306-775-0300

MASK This group exhibition features two and three-dimensional works on the theme of “mask” by gallery artists. (Until July 9.)

SUMMER RHUBARB 2022 This group exhibition features work by gallery artists. (Opens July 14, runs until Sept. 3.)

Traditions Hand Craft Gallery

2714 13th Ave. 306-569-0199

JOHN ELDER: VAZ This exhibition features a selection of ceramic pots. (Until July 16.)