In May, this Polaris Prize-winning Toronto punk/hardcore band released their fourth full-length. In his review in the May 29 issue (scroll down to read), Mason Pitzel noted that Glass Boys was a marked departure from the band’s last release in 2011.

That album, which was titled David Comes To Life, was a concept album that told the story, in rock opera form, of a romance between an English labourer named David and a radical activist named Veronica. As the song cycle progresses, a meta-narrator is introduced which causes David (and the listener) to question the notion of truth and his (their) perception of events.

Glass Boys, Pitzel noted, had none of those narrative trappings. But he still found it to be a damn fine album and gave it four out of five dogs. Having given the office copy a few spins myself, I have to agree that there’s plenty of high energy rock on it.

Anyway, on Monday Sept. 22 Fucked Up are in town to play a show at the Exchange. Back-up acts are Alvvays and Failed States. To give you a sense of what they’ve been up to lately, here’s the video for “Sun Glass” off Glass Boys: