Now more than ever, journalism needs friends. That’s why Regina needs you to join the fight for local, independent journalism. We’re the Friends of Prairie Dog, a citizen-led fundraising organization. It was formed to protect and expand Regina’s only independent city news platform. Why not join our community‑based movement to rebuild Regina’s alternative for the digital age? See below for donation and membership options. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

1st Anniversary Steak Night Fundraiser-SOLD OUT!

Come celebrate the first year of Friends and the 27th anniversary of Prairie Dog by joining us for a Steak Night Fundraiser in support of Prairie Dog magazine on Tuesday, February 4 at Bushwakker Brewpub (meal served 6–8pm). Check out the Facebook event.

Tickets are $30 each and include a six oz New York steak (chicken and vegetarian options also available), caesar salad, hand-cut fries, garlic toast and a 12 oz Bushwakker beer. We will also be holding a silent auction with lots of great items to bid on.

Anyone interested in tickets, please email Sorry, online ticket purchasing is not available for this event.

Donate / Become a Patron

Show your love! Support Prairie Dog with a one-time gift or, even better, become a patron with a small monthly donation (just check the “Make this a monthly donation” option). Payments are fulfilled through PayPal, but you can use a credit card.

Become a Member

Join us! See all the details further down this page. Fill out the form below to start the process. You can pay with a credit card or PayPal account.

Membership Level

Membership Benefits

1 year ($25) or 3 year ($50) : receive the FoPD newsletter, get a vote at the AGM, volunteer or run for board positions, special offers for FoPD members only, participate in surveys, special invitations to FoPD events.

Lifetime ($500) : As above, plus a free Prairie Dog t-shirt, special recognition in print and online and invitations to focus groups on future direction.

City-Builder ($1,000) : same as Lifetime, except with four free Prairie Dog t-shirts and extra-special recognition in print and online.

Patron ($5,000) : same as City-Builder, plus special recognition at FoPD events and in the newsletter.

Founders Circle ($5,000 for 3 years) : as Patron except extra-special recognition at FoPD events and in the newsletter.

Why take the Prairie Dog Pledge?

Help us reinvent and rebuild Regina’s independent media alternative. With your help we can advance journalism for the many, not just for the few! As a member of Friends of Prairie Dog you can:

  • Read more and live better as you help build a bigger, better Prairie Dog
  • Join the fun, with invitations to special events
  • Get involved by volunteering for campaigns and events
  • Have your say in e-surveys and the Annual General Meeting
  • Stay connected with the Friends of Prairie Dog newsletter
  • Be recognized in the paper and online

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Mailing Address: P. O. Box 37069 Regina South, Regina SK  S4S 7K3