There’s a story making the rounds on Facebook today about financial support that the Sask. Party government has been receiving over the last few years from civic bodies like Regina City Council, the Regina Public Library, the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan, along with a host of town councils across the province.

Here’s a link to the story as reported by CJME’s Patrick Book.

According to a website run by CUPE-represented RPL workers, who are currently embroiled in a very acrimonious labour dispute with RPL administration, Elections Saskatchewan records show that in 2009 and 2010 the Regina Public Library contributed $1,043.70 and $1,240 respectively to the Saskatchewan Party. NDP financial records for the same two years, meanwhile, show no contributions from the RPL.

As J. R. Foley used to say (in his famous Cockney accent) during interviews with the immortal Ed Whelan on Stampede Wrestling “Money talks Ed. Money talks.” And the idea of municipal and other public institutions scratching the backs of their provincial overlords is perhaps a practice that extends back beyond the current government (although in Book’s article Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco does talk about how the political landscape has changed over time), it strikes me as being pretty incestuous. Do the U of R, U of S and other public institutions really have to be Sask. Party supporters in order to have their voice heard in government?

Of course, knowing what we know at prairie dog, we recognize that being perceived as less than wholehearted  supporters of the current Saskatchewan government can carry adverse consequences.