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I’m sitting in a cafe in Valetta, Malta’s capital. It’s the coldest day we’ve had here so far, 14C and rainy. When we got here in September, it was so hot and dry (hadn’t rained since April) that everywhere was brown and yellow. Only the cacti were green. Right now, everything is lush and in bloom. The trees are heavy with oranges.

This is winter in Malta. I could only be happier if the cappuccino I’ve ordered was here right now. (And yes, I’m 100% aware of how lucky I am.)

Anyway, I was idly reading through the twitter feed for my @PDCityHall account and saw some chatter about the budget that was passed on Monday. And I’m curious, what does everybody think? Is it a home run as Mayor Fougere is saying? Or a total disaster?

Personally, I haven’t read it. (Hey, remember February when I live tweeted a read-through of the last budget? What was I thinking? I’m NEVER doing that again. Unless I do.) And I’ve only read Kevin Martel’s coverage over on Newstalk. (Don’t have an online sub for the L-P. I suppose I could cheat and read their stuff anyway… but that’s not cool. But speaking of not cool… Hey Leader Post! Autoplay video? That is very rude. Knock it off.)

I’m especially curious to hear what Barb has to say on the subject. In a comment on another post she mentioned something about a catch-22 regarding sidewalks. What’s that about? Sounds like it’d be right up my alley.

I’ll sign off with a pic of Valetta I took last week when I was in Sliema (which is just across the harbour).