Fred The Fed?

According to the Leader-Post, Ward 3 Regina City Councillor Fred Clipsham wants the NDP nomination in Regina Qu’appelle. Behold:

In a statement Wednesday, Clipsham said he’s running because a “strong, compassionate voice” is needed in Ottawa. “My focus will be to engage people on issues such as housing, health care and building sustainable futures for our urban, rural and First Nation communities,” he said.

For reasons unknown — our reputation as a staunch Tory paper, perhaps? — Clipsham appears to not have contacted us with this news. “I heard some rumours,” says prairie dog City Hall writer Paul Dechene, who lives in Clipsham’s Ward, “but I’d hoped Fred might give us an exclusive.” Alas it was not to be.

Prairie dog editor Stephen Whitworth generally doesn’t endorse politicians or parties but is said to be “really fucking stoked” that someone with “mad politics skillz” is running against Tory MP Andrew Scheer. “The federal Conservatives have proven again and again that they’re a pack of slimy, scheming weasels,” said Whitworth. “And they’re idiots. They’re wrong about everything — climate change, women’s issues, immigration, crime and drug policy, urban issues, gay rights, the arts, poverty,  you name it. And these math-challenged rats can’t even balance a budget.

“Out with them! Go Fred!” he was quoted as saying.

According to the L-P, the nomination meeting will be March 9.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

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  1. City council would be better off if we could have him AND Conway on it.
    However, as an MP, he may unseat Ralph in the PD poll.
    This is what the NDP needs: competent, “name brand” candidates in ridings they might take from the Tories. And by extension, we need that too. A few more non-Tory seats in Parliament means less badness for Canada.

  2. The Green Party has a nominated candidate in Regina-Qu’Appelle since June/09 and has tried to be the opposition there. Our media releases to papers go unpublished too often. We do get lettters to the editor published and have run ads. Along comes the NDP at last minute and we are supposed to be overjoyed because the so-called progressives have decided finally to run someone. The NDP is just another old line party that has not done a damned thing to oppose Scheer in R.Q.. Where is the balance?

  3. Well, in defence of my cheerleading, Clipsham is an established, experienced name politician. The Green Party’s real problem, though, is a lack of proportional rep which drives people–myself included–away who would consider voting green but are afraid of wasting their votes.

    Another reason why first past the post is a crime against democracy.

  4. What Malcolm said. (I’m too busy right now to formulate an original response.)

  5. Why doesn’t Fred run in Palliser? Isn’t that where he lives? Anyway, go Fred! SCheer is an obscenity.

  6. I’m just waiting for Stephen Whitworth to get off the fence and start saying what he really thinks politically.

  7. Stephen- there is a Sask. branch of Fair Vote Canada. Perhaps you would like to fight for democracy- or just waste your vote again on the johnny come lately NDP. So only ” high profile” candidates should be part of the political system? Seems a little elitist- though I know you are not.

  8. There’s an interview with Gord Hunter of Fair Vote Canada on page 12 of the current issue, actually. Have a look! (Or a link! Scroll down to “Make It Democratic”.)

  9. Mike, Mike, Mike.

    Now that you’ve tried reductio ad absurdum, perhaps you’d like to go all Godwin on us and try a little reductio ad hitlerum as well.

    No one has ever said that only high profile candidates have a place in the system. But even with a reformed and fair voting system, a high profile citizen with a solid track record (like, ohh, I don’t know, maybe, say, Fred Clipsham?) have reputational assets that an unknown would be hard to offset. See, for example, Fred’s own comments after the last municipal election when he said that Shirley Dixon had worked the hardest of the four candidates in Ward 3, but wasn’t able to overcome the high profiles of Clipsham, Conway and even three time candidate Don Young.

    But some unknowns do manage to win – even knocking off high profile incumbents. Mostly they do it by hard work (as opposed to whining in blog comments about the unfairness of it all). That said, still haven’t quite figured out how some kid from Ottawa, with limited ties to a constituency manages to move to Regina (not to the constituency mind you, not originally) and then manages a) to get a Conservative nomination and b) to knock off the lngest serving MP of the day.

  10. Interesting, it seemed the trend in a lot of other parts ‘o country was fedpols turning local, like in Winnipeg and Toronto; in Regina, we have Fred trying, with Pat and Louis Browne rumoured. Reminds me of that Flintstones episode: “Go Freddie, Go Freddie, G-G-Go Freddie” We need to get Clipsham in the Novia chugging some malteds with some of the beatnik and high school kids chering him on. The Malted Milk vote is key.

  11. High profile does not mean better. Policies matter also- such as can be found at Malcolm, as far as hard work, I have been on many doorsteps in Regina- Qu’Appelle working for the Green candidate as well as other methods of bringing forward the Green message. Fred may be a fine fellow, but he has been on how many doorsteps in R.Q. working to get elected since the last election? The NDP have been SILENT in R. Q. since the last election. Stephen, thanks for the info on the Fair Vote item. Wish more people other than Greens would work for prop. rep.

  12. You know what might make me take the Green Party more seriously? Someone going on the Internet and picking fights in their name. Yup, that’s what it would take.

  13. Indeed, Mike, high profile doesn’t necessarily equal good candidate. Of course, no one argued that it did. But I suppose it is easier to attack straw men.

    Yes, the NDP is not what it should be in Regina Qu’Appelle. Hardly Fred’s fault, really. He has recently been approached and encouraged to run. Seems a trifle odd to hold him responsible for a past of which he was not part.

    You may discover, though, that high profile is more often a help than a hindrance to a campaign.

    Of course, the Green Party of Canada are usually of a mind that the rest of the opposition parties should give their high profile leader a free pass to Parliament.

  14. Re: Palliser, oh right. Kind of too bad. I’d much rather see Evanchuk take on Scheer head-to-head in a battle of the late Gen-X/early Gen-Ys and then Clipsham carrying pretty much all of Lakeview and enuf MJ to knock of Raymond Do-Nothing Boughen in his 74th year, sending him to a much yearned for retirement.

    Sick thing about the Cons is they have all these nobody retirees and twentysomethings just automatically winning in these Western constituencies that are either gerrymandered in the favour, or these total demagogues (like John “sweatpants” Baird, Peter Van Loontytunes) from the the Harris regime winning in the conservative small towns and suburbs of Ontario. If the Cons actually put up someone of character and substance, it might not be so painful living under them.

    Though, I guess that’s the Harper way: Act like Ghadafi, surround yourself with weaklings, crush dissent, deny all culpability. God I’d hate to be Peter MacKay.

  15. To Mike in Comment 16:

    I have to defend Fred Clipsham in this one. He may not be on the doorsteps of the riding, but he is very active for the people in his ward. From what I have heard and seen, he is always doing something for his constituents (like those meetings bloody meetings, committees, etc.) but he is also available to anyone who calls him up with a question or issue to discuss.

    He may be the most active representative of any of Regina’s constituencies. When you’re doing all that, there’s no time to go door to door.

  16. Shirley Dixon was up against it, not just because of the high profiles of her competitors, but also because certain endorsements went to those folks instead of to her.

  17. If the Green Party of Canada were a progressive, left of centre party, it might get my vote. Its financial policies, included regressive taxation, however, make it one of the most right wing Green Parties in the world. And we already have two very entrenched right wing parties in Canada: the Libs and the Cons.

    As to Fred’s candidacy, well, if he can take down Scheer, that’d be a good thing! But who’s the Lib candidate?

  18. Mother Nature does not care what we think. The Greens are the only party that gets that fact. The right want the pie for a few, the left want the pie shared- but the pie is the thing- once it is gone- no pie for anyone. And it is going. Time to act sensibly.
    And yes, please remove Dimples Scheer.

  19. I beg to differ, Mike. Mother Nature cares very much what we think. That’s because what we think impacts what we do. If we are listening to Mother Nature, if She is moving through us, it is our responsibility to hear, to think and to act. She’s not a one-off thing. She is an interconnected system of systems; to separate one system from another does little to help anyone, let alone Her.

    Oh, yes, the Green Party of Canada plays a good game of using the Green name. But its actions and policies belie that name. And that’s a shame.

  20. Sigh.
    Green, Orange, Red, whatever….
    A decent candidate who is Anything But Conservative (TM Danny Williams) is welcome in my book. Now let’s see a few more out there, and end the Dark Times.

  21. The Green Party has been hijacked twice. First Jim Harris morphed it into a party of composting Tories, then Liberal Lizzie May morphed it into a vehicle for her own inflated ego.

    In the meantime, there will be only one candidate in a position to knock off Ottawa Andy Scheer – and it appears that candidate will be Fred Clipsham.

    (@Barb – you’re right about endorsements. Get hold of me offlist to discuss further.)

  22. anonymous, voting “green, red, orange, whatever” is not going to defeat Scheer at the polls. We have a first past the post system and that means whomever gets the most votes wins. What might defeat Scheer is a co-ordinated effort by “green, red, orange, whatever” to work together. The likelihood of that happening? Slim to nil.

  23. Regina Mom is right, although a coordinated effort in a campaign is just not natural in politics, perhaps afterwards, yes, but not during. We may have been taught as children to collaborate, but politics isn’t child’s play.

    As for Scheer, we really need to stop giving HIM the credit and name cred to the point of basically fetishizing him here on this board–“The Mighty Andew Scheer…and his polisci BA–he wins because he’s the Conservative candidate in a largely rural riding and de-politicized urban dwellers.

  24. By the way, The Mighty Scheer won 52% of the vote in 2008, so all this talk on namby-pamby cooperation is pretty moot.

  25. Here’s an idea for the opposition: Get better f*cking candidates with a clue about how to run a campaign and appeal to voters.

  26. Andrew Scheer has dimples, smiles constantly, speaks softly and reasonably, does a LOT of face time in his constituency, is a far right social conservative whose eyes only light up at the mention of abortion, a fan of Stephen Taylor of the NCC, also Faytene Chryskow – check his Facebook page. Many of the weeklies will give him front page. Totally devoid of any original ideas. To defeat him will require a LOT of pre election presence. Good luck- and I mean it.

  27. Hey mom, what I meant was that it was good to see a decent candidate step up who is not blue, who is in a currently-blue-controlled riding. I know what system we live in. I am trying to say we need a good candidate in every riding that could swing. Will the parties co-operate with each other? Unlikely. But when somebody steps up who looks like a sure thing, the other guys generally find other ridings to target. Well, unless you’re Elizabeth May and think YOU’RE the sure thing, even though you’re running against a guy who might have been Prime Minister had the straws been drawn differently.

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