Prairie Dog turns 20 tomorrow and to celebrate we’re planning a special issue with a reader-supported Anniversary Card Of Supportapalooza!

Unfortunately, our supportapalooza was falling a little shortapalooza, so yesterday I whined about how no one loved us. Well, that apparently did the trick: thanks to my sniveling plea, a total of 14 people have proved they love us by giving us money! That’s more than double yesterday’s total of six people!

But you know what? I’ll bet that at least twice as many Reginans think Prairie Dog is a fun, vital and important institution and would love to support us with a little cold, hard cash

Well, I’ve got good news: Regina has until tomorrow to write us a message that we’ll print in next week’s edition! The deets are here. Can’t think of a message? Not a problem! You can choose from a list of ready to roll sentiments and salutations!

Support Prairie Dog, Regina’s only alternative newspaper by giving us money for our 20th birthday! And tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter to give us money, too! We promise to use it for good, not evil!