1 U OF R GRADED The Globe and Mail recently released its rankings of universities across Canada. How did the University of Regina measure up? It got a grade of B, just like so many schools on this list. The feature of being able to compare schools is neat, but is any of this really useful for students trying to decide on post-secondary education options?

2 THREE LOKO TOO MANY Four Loko, a high-alcohol, high-caffeine nightmare drink, is causing a stir down in the States, as outlined by this NPR post. (The Slog running commentary on an AP piece on Four Loko is worth a glance, too.) About time: Four Loko is a bad decision in a can, and costs around the two dollar mark.

3 KEEPING CSIS UNDER CONTROL Some believe that the public safety minister should be looking into what tactics CSIS might be using to disrupt terrorism, says the Globe and Mail. Does anyone else have trouble thinking of CSIS as really spy types? I can easily admit, it’s just a Canadian stereotype.

4 NO BOMB AT CORNWALL The Leader-Post confirms that the bomb threat at the Cornwall Centre was a hoax. Hallelujah. We’ve only got so many Booster Juice distribution points in this town, after all.