Four In The Afternoon:noonretfA ehT nI rouF Edition

1. WE’RE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, PEOPLE. The topic has been broached on Prairie Dog already, but I’m just so surprised at NDP’s great showing in the polls. Have we all turned crazy pinko? Or maybe more and more Canadians are looking at the options and deciding that a choice between Lizard Man and Lurch isn’t much of a choice at all. Who would have thought that being a recognizable human being would translate into political gold?

2. APPLE ISN’T TRACKING YOUR LOCATION, DUMMIES. IT JUST KEEPS TRACK OF EVERYTHING AROUND YOU. A recent discovery of a file on iPhones that stores user location data has touched off a brouhaha over privacy concerns. Apple would like to clarify, though: the file doesn’t record where you are; it just tracks all the cell phone towers and wi-fi hotspots in your area. Oh. That’s so different.

3. SHUT UP, TRUMP. The Obama administration, no doubt as sick of Donald Trump as the rest of us, published a copy of the President’s birth certificate. I’m certain that America will come up with further tests and trials for Obama to prove his American-ness somehow, but in the meantime, let’s hope that we’ll hear less about this nonsense.

4. THEY’RE GONNA SCRUB THOSE COALS UNTIL THEY SHINE. Yesterday, Minister Rob Norris announced the launch of a $1.24 billion ‘clean coal’ carbon capture project at the Boundary Dam power plant in Estevan. “This is a game changer,” Norris said, because sports metaphors are awesome.

The new system will capture a million tonnes of carbon per year. After the announcement, Norris and SaskPower CEO Robert Watson were so excited that they ran out and bought Escalades and they drove around and around and around and around and ate nachos. The end.

UPDATE: This one’s for Stu!

Author: Aidan Morgan

Aidan is a very serious man who's saving up for a nice dignified pipe. Then we'll see who's laughing.

10 thoughts on “Four In The Afternoon:noonretfA ehT nI rouF Edition”

  1. The guitar solo is the only think I like about that song. W. Axl Rose (does the W stand for Whiny?) always bugged me.

  2. Gee, I don’t know what this song could be about. Maybe it’s about Erin Everly and a miscarriage and a screwed up life. The W is for William his given name. Whiny is all about people that post like idiots. I suppose you don’t like “Sweet Child of Mine” either. After all,Rose’s SCM is second only to “Stairway to Heaven”. From Regina eh………….

  3. No, no, the song is fine. I get the song. It’s the video whose symbolism eludes me.
    Like when Slash runs out of the chapel after the vows…is he upset that Axl has married Stephanie Seymour or is he just in a hurry to go play that wicked solo in celebration of their union?

  4. Axl made this comment in an interview when speaking to “November Rain” and the follow up “Estranged”.
    “November Rain is a song about not wanting to deal with love that isn’t mutual or reciprocal, basically unrequited love, and Estranged is a follow up of November Rain, it’s about acknowledging the fact of unrequited love… and being in that situation.”
    Slash’s first solo in the “November Rain” video is discussed in the following link:
    Axl wanted the solo filmed in a cold field of sorts -Slash standing alone; they choose the New Mexico church and church yard instead as explained in the article.
    Axl never explains the symbolisms of Slash walking out of the church.
    It may be an expression of how Axl views the franchise.

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