Four In The Afternoon: Federal Stuff N’ Junk

4 in the Afternoon1 OFF TO THE LAPDOGS! Today the federal government announced its plans for a  Supreme Court appeal to overturn an earlier decision by the Ontario Court of Appeals which struck down a handful of anti-prostitution laws. The changes legalizes the employment of bodyguards and drivers for sex trade workers, and allows individuals to work legally indoors in brothels in Ontario. More on this here.

2 ANYONE WILL DO Newt Gingrich announced this morning that he will suspend his presidential campaign next week and support the Romney cause. He held on quite a bit longer than expected considering he didn’t have a hope in heck of being elected. The bounced checks may have been the final straw…

3 CURTAILING BENEFITS The federal government announced today that it will be scaling back on health provisions for refugees in Canada. The cutbacks seek to match health provisions for refugees to the level of coverage provided for Canadian citizens.

4 OH, THAT OLD CHESTNUT The abortion debate will be back on the table tomorrow as Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth’s private member’s motion will be debated. I personally cannot wait to listen to another old white guy (apparently the ‘experts’ on these issues) discuss what is best for women’s reproductive health.

BONUS: A dynamite live performance by dynamite multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bird, one of Coachella 2012’s best acts.

4 thoughts on “Four In The Afternoon: Federal Stuff N’ Junk”

  1. the cutbacks to refugees healthcare sounds kind of insane. did the gov’t really provide more benefits for them than current citizens? and who figured out that the refugees, after coming here, were becoming too healthy? thank goodness someone did!! (i just hope they dont catch me being healthy! shh!)

  2. So now the prostitution debate is going to the Supreme court.. This is gonna cost how much? Shouldn’t they wait for the rest of the provinces / territories to get overturned laws too?

  3. The Cons don’t want the other provinces to get ideas.
    Of course, if they appeal and lose, then it backfires on them and that is awesome.
    There is panic in Toronto area right now because some guy from Vegas wants to open a Bunny Ranch in Toronto. It is hilarious.

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