4 in the Afternoon1 DAVOS DOWNER Today the World Economic Forum kicked off in the Alpine town of Davos, Switzerland. The Canadian agenda, which has been called a “major trade charm offensive” seeks to pressure the EU into solving its debt crisis but also to establish new bilateral trade agreements in emerging markets. Stephen Harper attended in the company of some of Canada’s biggest business leaders, which happens to include representatives from Barrick Gold, whose business practices have earned the company a wretched international rep. It might be just me, but maybe the PM should choose his entourage more closely when trying to woo his way into emerging markets.

2 STATE OF THE UNION In last night’s presidential address, Barack Obama looked pretty sharp in calling for less American income inequality with an emphasis on tax reform. The president cheekily made this platform election-ready by pointing out that Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney’s paid a lower tax rate than the average American on $45M in earnings in the last two years. Though most of his address was bemoaned by the Republicans of the House, it was (perhaps strategically) wrapped up by appealing to American patriotism on broad palatable topics, giving the address a campaign kick-off feel.

3 A YEAR LATER There is a massive gathering in Cairo’s Tahrir Square today celebrating the year anniversary of the Egyptian uprising to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak. While largely perceived as a celebration, many in attendance feel that the revolution continues and is growing in strength.

4 SPEAKING OF CELEBRATIONS! Looks like Air Canada — who is known for cancelled, overbooked and delayed flights — got a wee bit of payback at the hands of a pesky cat this morning. The feline apparently escaped from the cabin and lodged itself in the cockpits’ wiring causing a four-hour delay in the morning flight to Toronto. Good on ya, wee one.

THEMED BONUS Fitz and the Tantrums will be playing at Coachella 2012 alongside Saskatoon’s the Sheep Dogs. Check out where indie meets big band.