4 in the Afternoon1. HURRICANE! As you’ve already heard everywhere, Hurricane Sandy is poised to beat the stuffing out of the east coast of the U.S. later today. The NYC subways were shuttered as of last night, Mayor Bloomberg is urging everyone in the lower end of Manhattan to leave immediately, and even Toronto is worried. That’s a big, big storm. Let’s hope everyone stays safe.

2.  SPEAKING OF DISASTERS IN THE MAKING  Transcanada Corp has now entered into an unholy alliance with Phoenix Energy Holdings to build a $3billion pipeline in northern Alberta.

3.  FROM MONSTER STORMS TO MONSTER GALAXIES  Astronomers have found an elliptical galaxy, now made extra visible due to increased black hole activity. I don’t know what it means either. Just read it.

4.  A RANDOM PENGUIN HOUSE?  (I stole that from a friend’s facebook status). Penguin books and Random House are merging.