IRAN IS BAD, M’KAY? Canada has officially cut ties with Iran because… Iran’s bad? Yes, it’s bad. It’s run by bad people. I wish I had more to go on here – some unfortunate diplomatic incident, say, or an attack on somebody somewhere. But it seems that we’re just through putting up with those bad, bad people. According to Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, Iran is supporting Syria (yeah, that’s pretty bad) and doing all the things that Iran is regularly accused of doing. Next on the list of countries to punish for their anti-democratic practices: China. What? Oh, not China.

CHAD! There’s nothing I like more than a wide range of candidates when I go to the ballot box. That’s why I’m extremely pleased about Chad Novak’s return to the mayoral race. That’s right: Novak’s back. Let’s hope the “dirty politics” of eight weeks ago has been all cleaned up. “I was naive last time,” Novak told the Leader-Post. “I know how to handle most of it now.” Just a warning about your opponents, Mr. Novak – they mostly come at night. Mostly.

TALK TO THE CHAIR. At long last, Clint Eastwood has blown the lid off his bizarre decision to talk  to an empty chair at the RNC. “I didn’t make up my mind exactly what I was going to say until I said it,” he told the Carmel Pine Cone. Really, that sums it up. You don’t need to click on the link. Just move on.

WEST NILE VIRUS: STILL A THING. Saskatchewan residents, stop smearing mosquito butter on your naked skins and entering those welting contests! We’re not out of the woods with West Nile virus. Even though we haven’t seen a lot of mosquitoes this year, the warm weather and dry conditions (outside of Sask) have combined to create a favourable environment for the spread of West Nile. “It’s the perfect storm for the mosquito-pocalypse of 2012,” said no one at all, but it sounds nasty, doesn’t it? So take precautions.