4 in the Afternoon 1 MORE ON MORSI Yeah, what’s happening in Egypt right now is definitely A Thing. There’s more coverage in the New York Times, and the Atlantic Wire is continually updating its coverage. Meanwhile, the Egyptian opposition is partnering with prominent clerics to both support Morsi’s deposition and present a “road map” for the future of Egyptian politics, which suggests that at the very least they’re comfortable with this being Morsi’s last political stand.

2 WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT THAT BC “AL-QAIDA-INSPIRED” PLOT Not much, although the ReverbNation thing is grimly funny to me and about four other people, probably. Is “inspired by al-Qaida ideology” the geopolitical terror equivalent of putting “songs from and inspired by” on a soundtrack CD? Is the ideology here the “When It Started” by the Strokes of murderous terror plots’ Spider-Man?

3 NOT SURE “FIX” IS THE RIGHT WORD But the City of Regina has a plan, at least, for how to deal with its enormous, looming pension crisis. Mostly it sounds like deferring payment on current pensions while clawing back benefits for younger workers, but that is par for the course, now, in 2013.

4 KE$HA UNEQUIVOCALLY OWNS After being spotted wearing a t-shirt from Bay Area avant-pop weirdos The Residents, she seems to have incorporated the band’s tuxedo-eyeball imagery into her current live act. This is just like that time Mandy Moore discovered Jandek, except there was no risk of a cease-and-desist that time, and also no chance that someone who voted for “Die Young” as their grad song might accidentally listen to The Beatles as reinterpreted by a frightening mescaline trip gone awry.