Four In The Afternoon: Strikes, Abortions, G20 Trials And Pipelines

4 in the Afternoon1 NEWLY RE-ELECTED BC GOVERNMENT REJECTS THE ENBRIDGE NORTHERN GATEWAY PIPELINE Huh. Apparently some conservative-leaning governments DO care when projects don’t pass environmental reviews. Good for BC. And as Friend O’ The ‘Dog (and Best Barista 2013!) Neil McDonald says, “Picture all of the little Ewoks celebrating!”

2 COP NOT GUILTY OF PUMMELING CITIZEN Toronto Police officer Glenn Weddell is innocent of beating the shit out of Dorian Barton at the 2010 G20 meetings. UPDATE: Here’s the actual link. Thanks Barb!

3 WOULD SEANBOT LET THIS POOR WOMAN DIE? (UPDATED WITH LINKS, THANKS (AGAIN) BARB) Earlier this week, an El Salvadoran woman had her life-threatening pregnancy enforced by court in the strongly Roman Catholic country. Fortunately, a loophole has been found. Take-away #1: All the heroic social justice work all those brave priests risked (and often lost) their lives for in the ’80s is tarnished by the Catholic Church’s unnecessary, anti-science, insane, inane, medieval and stupid fucking clueless attitudes about sex, and it pisses me off because those people rocked. Take-away #2: Support abortion rights or you suck.

4 SHITTY-PAID FAST FOOD WORKERS WENT ON STRIKE IN A MAJOR U.S. CITY YESTERDAY Good for them. I like this trend. More of this everywhere, please. Reasonable wages make life better for everyone–and they’re good for local businesses, restaurants, etc., too. But no one’s just going to hand them over — workers have to stand up for themselves.

*Also, please note the killer graphic design in these Seattle protests. In my experience, with an “in general” caveat (because there are always exceptions), unions, environmentalists, protesters and progressives in general have adequate at best but too often execreble posters, flyers, etc.  I point this out because I care. Please do better–good design changes hearts and minds. And no, it doesn’t cost a fortune. Prairie Dog is a rubber-bands and elmer’s glue business, and we pull it off. The left can do it too.

VIDEO I fucking LOVE Patrick Stewart!

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

9 thoughts on “Four In The Afternoon: Strikes, Abortions, G20 Trials And Pipelines”

  1. (1) Not news: they were opposed before.
    (2) Link?
    (3) Link? Especially since you’ve gone all frothy and ad hominem, it would be nice to have a link to the actual article.

    One word: rehab.

  2. Seanbot would never let that poor woman die. Give her the proceedure she needs to save her life!

    My original point was that not one ounce of consideration is given to the baby’s rights, or even the male partners rights. Unborn babies are described as fetus’, as a helpless glob of meat to dehumanize it, and no baby derserves that. And aside from individual situations like this El Salvadoran woman’s; for a woman to use abortion services as a birth control practice, she is committing the greatest of all human sins. Point. Blank. Period.

    For all your vitriolic ranting and shade throwing, you will never stop passionate people from standing up for our most basic human values.

    *sprinkles antihipster holy water on post*

  3. Abortion as birth control is the “greatest of all human sins”? I would think murdering a person who is conscious of the fact that they are about to be murdered, either for sport, cultural, religious, homophobic, etc., reasons would qualify as a greater sin than terminating a completely non-conscious life form well before they ever become viable.

    This sounds like backwoods crazy church talk.

  4. Talbot: Sean was attacked unfairly, so it’s not surprising that he reacted as he has.
    As to the greatest of all human sins, I’m in no position to judge. I’d think, though, that failure to care about others would be the root of most human sins.

  5. Barb: Thanks for the comment. Seanbot, who is an excellent person in many ways, has ridiculous opinions on abortion and sticking up for him as he continues to attack women’s rights makes you look ridiculous too. What happened in El Salvadore is a direct consequence of the worldview Seanbot subscribes to.

    Seanbot: I assume you consistently vote Conservative, since they’re the party that most trades in easy, simplistic rhetoric? The party that scuttled a national daycare program that would’ve been invaluable for women who become unexpectedly pregnant? Perhaps you’re the type of person who tends to take childish, simplistic moral stances (THINK OF TEH FETUZZ!) then, due to not thinking about things enough, walks away from the consequences of those stances? Perhaps? Maybe? Kinda? Hmmm?

    Seanbot: “for a woman to use abortion services as a birth control practice, she is committing the greatest of all human sins. Point. Blank. Period.” That is the stupidest thing I’ve heard in 2013. I genuinely appreciate you being brave and honest enough to actually say it.

    Seanbot: Also: I’m too old and fat to be a hipster.

  6. El Salvador

    Thank you for the links; that is much more helpful.

    I don’t see why supporting Sean as a victim of a nasty ad hominem attack makes me look ridiculous. I didn’t say I supported his viewpoint, or your assumed version thereof, did I? And speaking of assumptions, boy, you sure make a lot of them, and I wouldn’t, if I were you, accuse him of not thinking about things enough. Pot, meet kettle.

    Neither one of you knows how to keep his temper, which is unfortunate.

  7. Watch the generalizations SW I voted CPC and am pro-choice I know others who are progressives are pro-life it isn’t that black and white

  8. Thanks for the support, Barb. I really appreciate it.

    And, Stephen, you have a good heart and soul. Unfortunately, you can be as dickish and dogmatic as any Westboro Church asshole, who tries to pretend that they are smarter and more realistic than everyone else…..I guess everybody needs their delusions.

    Talbot: There are people in Wascana rehab centre lying in a bed who are at the very basics, a completely non-conscious life form. Are they worthy of termination? This line of thinking is a very slippery slope, m’bebes.

    Good Saturday night to you all.

  9. Women don’t tend to use abortion as a replacement for birth control. I can’t think of one woman I’ve ever met or read about or heard about who was like, “Well, we could use a condom… Or I could just get an abortion. Whatevs!”

    The misnomer that women, in general, are glib about their reproductive choices is a convenient story that people like to tell to dehumanize the decision and the people making it.

    Point. Blank. Period.

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