4 in the Afternoon1 NEWLY RE-ELECTED BC GOVERNMENT REJECTS THE ENBRIDGE NORTHERN GATEWAY PIPELINE Huh. Apparently some conservative-leaning governments DO care when projects don’t pass environmental reviews. Good for BC. And as Friend O’ The ‘Dog (and Best Barista 2013!) Neil McDonald says, “Picture all of the little Ewoks celebrating!”

2 COP NOT GUILTY OF PUMMELING CITIZEN Toronto Police officer Glenn Weddell is innocent of beating the shit out of Dorian Barton at the 2010 G20 meetings. UPDATE: Here’s the actual link. Thanks Barb!

3 WOULD SEANBOT LET THIS POOR WOMAN DIE? (UPDATED WITH LINKS, THANKS (AGAIN) BARB) Earlier this week, an El Salvadoran woman had her life-threatening pregnancy enforced by court in the strongly Roman Catholic country. Fortunately, a loophole has been found. Take-away #1: All the heroic social justice work all those brave priests risked (and often lost) their lives for in the ’80s is tarnished by the Catholic Church’s unnecessary, anti-science, insane, inane, medieval and stupid fucking clueless attitudes about sex, and it pisses me off because those people rocked. Take-away #2: Support abortion rights or you suck.

4 SHITTY-PAID FAST FOOD WORKERS WENT ON STRIKE IN A MAJOR U.S. CITY YESTERDAY Good for them. I like this trend. More of this everywhere, please. Reasonable wages make life better for everyone–and they’re good for local businesses, restaurants, etc., too. But no one’s just going to hand them over — workers have to stand up for themselves.

*Also, please note the killer graphic design in these Seattle protests. In my experience, with an “in general” caveat (because there are always exceptions), unions, environmentalists, protesters and progressives in general have adequate at best but too often execreble posters, flyers, etc.  I point this out because I care. Please do better–good design changes hearts and minds. And no, it doesn’t cost a fortune. Prairie Dog is a rubber-bands and elmer’s glue business, and we pull it off. The left can do it too.

VIDEO I fucking LOVE Patrick Stewart!