Four In The Afternoon: Not Fooling Anybody

4 in the Afternoon1 HITLER: THE STORE! I mean, the swastika dates back to like the bronze age, but naming your store “Hitler” and putting a dot with a swastika in it over the I – that’s just not going to go over well, dudes.

2 PAUL RYAN DRESSES LIKE A TEENAGER AT HIS FIRST JOB INTERVIEW And other scintillating news. The Romney campaign recently said it wouldn’t let its ads be “dictated by fact-checkers,” so maybe advice on menswear will go over a bit better.

3 APPARENTLY $940 A MONTH FOR A LOW-INCOME FAMILY IS “AFFORDABLE” Hahahaha that’s fucked. Good work, Regina.

4 AND NOW, QUEBEC POLITICS The polls show evidence of a potential shakeup in the works. Horse race, awaaaaay!

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6 thoughts on “Four In The Afternoon: Not Fooling Anybody”

  1. John, affordable housing is a spectrum. This project falls basically into low-market housing. There are needs all along the spectrum, and this segment is no exception. There are many households who fall in the income range these townhouses are intended for that are having difficulty finding housing in the current market. It is also important to remember that these are intended for families and are not 1 or 2 bedroom apartments. I assume that you have not been out there lately looking for a place to rent for a family of four or more lately, but people are asking $2K+ for places I wouldn’t let my dog sleep in. And there are line-ups of people to see them. These people look horribly desperate. They literally have nowhere to live and will somehow come up with the money to rent those s**t holes because they have no choice. Honestly, I bet there are many who would be incredibly grateful to pay $940/mo for a brand new, decent, three bedroom townhouse. This is a considerable discount from the market at the moment and makes a decent living situation availalbe to 24 families that otherwise would not have it. It does make all the fuss some of the neighbours made over there seem all the more ridiculous when you see that the reality is exactly what Silver Sage said all along.

  2. I have to agree with Annonymouse.

    Yes, that seems steep until you realize these are three-bedroom homes. You can’t even rent a two-bedroom apartment for that cheap here. And any increase in housing is good in this crappy market.

    I was forced to move last March and was in a panic about finding a new place that allowed my dog. I got incredibly lucky. But there are some total holes in the ground out there that should be reported to the city.

  3. Actually I’m renting a four-bedroom place with four dudes in the Heritage neighbourhood for $2k a month plus utilities starting on Wednesday. I know there’s some families that are surely grateful they’ll be paying half my rent for equivalent housing. My point is that, at wages that qualify as low-income, $940 is still a lot, especially with multiple mouths to feed and bodies to clothe with the leftover money.

    It’s not a slight against Silver Sage housing, who are doing what they can in a restricted market. Providing any affordable housing right now is a worthwhile endeavour and by providing that much of a discount from market price Silver Sage are doing something really good. The point is more that the rental market in this city is so irrevocably fucked that half a month’s income for a family of three or four going to rent seems affordable by comparison to the totally dogshit alternatives.

    Sorry if there was any confusion. Affordable housing is great. It’s just that Regina is increasingly an unaffordable city.

  4. John –

    As per some of the other comments, $940 is ridiculously cheap for a 2 or 3 bedroom compared to other rents in this city.

    A single person on SS will get a base of $459. A family receiving other supplements can live in a place for $940/month and still have some left over. I think Silver Sage is doing a good thing here – and the province should be credited with helping house 24 families.

    Now it just seems they need to figure out what to do with the other 94032849234 people in this city that need a cheaper place to live.

    Before interning at Newstalk, I worked at Carmichael Outreach trying to find affordable housing for people in need. IF Silver Sage would have had these properties, I might have been able to get a deserving family in one of them – or another one of their below-market houses. As luck would have it, they weren’t. Many people that came through my door are still scrambling to find a place to live. The point of both of these stories is simple: the city doesn’t have enough housing, let alone affordable housing.

    I know you agree with me, but still invite you to read/listen to this:

    The hardships of the housing crunch are a little more obvious in it.


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