4 in the Afternoon1 HITLER: THE STORE! I mean, the swastika dates back to like the bronze age, but naming your store “Hitler” and putting a dot with a swastika in it over the I – that’s just not going to go over well, dudes.

2 PAUL RYAN DRESSES LIKE A TEENAGER AT HIS FIRST JOB INTERVIEW And other scintillating news. The Romney campaign recently said it wouldn’t let its ads be “dictated by fact-checkers,” so maybe advice on menswear will go over a bit better.

3 APPARENTLY $940 A MONTH FOR A LOW-INCOME FAMILY IS “AFFORDABLE” Hahahaha that’s fucked. Good work, Regina.

4 AND NOW, QUEBEC POLITICS The polls show evidence of a potential shakeup in the works. Horse race, awaaaaay!