4 in the Afternoon1 THE MEANING OF A TRAGEDY John Gormley’s an interpretation of the terrible train crash in Lac-Mégantic: it’s the fault of environmentalists!  If you like an over-simplified pro-industry spin on your news written by a guy who doesn’t believe the scientific consensus on climate change, you can read that here. If you want an intelligent, insightful and rational opinion on the tragedy, I recommend Martin Lukacs in the Guardian. Meanwhile, the CBC has details on the poor victims. Also, there was a fatal train crash in France. Six people are dead.

2 HERO WHISTLEBLOWER EDWARD SNOWDEN WANTS TO STAY IN RUSSIA Well, okay. I’m not a fan of Russia these days–the country’s batshit homophobic–but a guy’s gotta take an option that’s open to him, I guess.

3 GET YOUR COSTUME READY The Conservatives have re-scheduled their party convention, was was cancelled after the Calgary flood, to Halloween.

4  MOOSE IN REGINA, MOLOTOVS IN SASKATOON Moose here, Molotovs here. Thank god Moose haven’t figured out how to make Molotov cocktails. Or have they?