Four In The Afternoon: Missing Money.. Maybe It Is In Outer Space..

4 in the Afternoon1 JUST A MERE $3 BILLION…  The auditor general revealed today that the federal government misplaced 3 billion big ones set aside for anti-terrorism efforts. Michael Ferguson also suggested that the Harper government did not have a “clear handle” on whether the country’s anti-terrorism initiative had been successful in keeping terrorists outside of Canadian borders.

2 IT’S ABOUT TIME For the first time in history, an active American professional athlete has publicly announced his homosexuality. It seems sad and weird that it took this long – even weirder, maybe, that the media is making such a big deal of it. Weirder than that, I chose it as one of the top four news stories to profile on the blog today… so maybe I am just feeding in to the weirdness. Hmm…

3 SAYONARA ONLINE VOTING The feds cut it for the “long term”. Read on.

4 NEW BANK NOTE LAUNCHED FROM SPACE Yeah, that’s a thing. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, who is floating around in space as you read this, unveiled the new polymer five-dollar bill from, you guessed it, space. It features the Canadian Space Arm. Meanwhile, if the new ten-dollar bill, which was also unveiled today, had feelings it would likely be raging jealous. It was unveiled on land, in Ottawa, at a press conference by someone who is not an astronaut. Good thing the five-dollar bill is the last of the Canadian bank notes to be re-designed and revealed to the public… cause how do you top an unveiling event in space???

4 thoughts on “Four In The Afternoon: Missing Money.. Maybe It Is In Outer Space..”

  1. @2: I don’t think it’s weird the media is making such a big deal about it. It makes sense! It’s a big deal! Imagine how bad it would be if all the sports media stuck their head in the sand about it.

  2. Kudos for Collins for coming out but the overkill is beyond belief. A brave man,yes; a hero, not quite

  3. He’s now a hero to thousands, if not millions, of people around the world. Seems like that qualifies as being a hero. Just because he’s not your hero doesn’t mean he isn’t one.

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