1 ROYAL VISIT Woop woop, Prince Charles and Camilla spent last night in Regina. Victor Sawa is conducting a special Regina Symphony Orchestra performance for the royal couple this evening. They’re in town for a couple more hours, and if following them around is your jam, their itinerary can be found here.

2 EVEREST WOES There’s been a massive influx of hikers scaling Mount Everest recently, and fatalities are on the climb.  CBC released a story this morning with Canadian climber Sandra Leduc comparing the mountain to a “morgue”. Yikes.

3 AND THE MARKETS REEL More EU related market instability as the future of Greece and the single currency remain uncertain. New French President Francois Hollande and German chancellor Angela Merkel bumped heads over key issues in the Brussels summit. Flaherty announced at a Senator’s committee today that our fine country may feel the backlash from the political and economic instability overseas. Doubt Jim’ll be missing any meals.

4 ET FINALEMENT! Okay, I know I’m always on about how impossible it is to access politics with any level of influence, and I generally blame crappy coverage of important issues. Not in this case. Couture’s Star Phoenix article does decent job in covering Wall’s cabinet shuffle, expected later this week. Culture Minister Bill Hutchinson is out, a move some see as an effort to appease film industry advocates.